July 7, 2022

the general directorate of health delivers recommendations in the face of the lack of caregivers

To “face” and anticipate “situations of tension” until the beginning of 2022, the DGS wants to lift “as of now all the levers to keep open the services in critical situations, in particular emergencies”.

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Are hospitals on the verge of running out of caregivers? In a letter addressed to doctors, the Directorate General of Health (DGS) warns about “the difficulties in filling in the on-call schedules or in maintaining a complete care offer for several years during the winter and summer months”.

The agency attached to ministry of Health explains that these difficulties were felt “from this fall in establishments due to the successive waves of the Covid-19 epidemic (…) and an active and early circulation of winter viruses, especially influenza “.

For “to face” and anticipate the “stressful situations” until early 2022, the direction gsend him off the santé recommends the launch of“a monthly national survey”. DGS evokes the activation of territorial units for monitoring tensions and “the anticipation, preparation and responses to stressful situations in emergency medicine structures”.

Finally, the DGS incites to “the organization of on-call ambulatory care and strengthening the continuity of care in town “. “Given the current period, we insist on the need to immediately engage all levers to keep open services in critical situations, especially emergencies”, concludes the general directorate of health.

The article made some members of the medical profession react, like the National Union of Hospital Anesthesiologists and Resuscitators. The organization qualifies these measures d’“inadmissible, in a press release. “They will end up scaring young and old alike from public hospitals and health professions in general”, insists the union.