January 23, 2022

the French Swimming Federation is filing a civil action

“If the facts constitute rape or sexual assault, it is because there is a significant age difference” between the victim, 13 years old at the time of the facts in 2016, and the swimmer, then 24 years old, specified the prosecutor.

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“The decision was officially taken today to file a civil action with the Mulhouse court in this case.” After the indictment and the placement under judicial supervision on Saturday of Yannick Agnel, accused of rape and sexual assault on a teenage girl, the French Swimming Federation announced that it was forming a civil party on Monday, December 13.

In a press release, the FFN assures that it “deeply deplores” this case and declares to stand “available to the victim to support him in this ordeal [l’invitant] to get closer to its partner association Colosse aux Pieds d’Argile, which specializes in supporting victims of sexual violence. “

The charges against the former swimming champion are constituting rape and sexual assault “ due to “age difference” between the victim and the accused, said Mulhouse public prosecutor Edwige Roux-Morizot earlier today at a press conference. The victim, one of the daughters of Lionel Horter, the former coach of Yannick Agnel, was 13 years old at the material time in 2016.

The prosecutor thus recalled that the law in France prohibits any sexual relationship between an adult and a minor under 15 years old, even if the latter is consenting. The swimmer, then 24 years old at the material time, n’a not the feeling that there was coercion “, said the magistrate.

The facts would have unfolded “throughout the year 2016”, in Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin), the swimmer’s training town, but “also abroad, in Thailand [où le Mulhouse Olympic Natation se rend régulièrement en stage] or to Rio” de Janeiro, host city of the 2016 Olympic Games.