May 22, 2022

The ferry calendar could again be disrupted by the rise in Covid-19 cases

Will the Covid once again shake up the bac calendar? While lessons have been disrupted for several weeks by the absence of teachers and infected students, the Ministry of Education could decide to postpone the specialty tests scheduled for March 14 to 16. “The question now is to arbitrate between March, May and June. March is what was planned and it’s always better to do what was planned”, said the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, interviewed on BFM-TV on Wednesday 26 January.

According to him, “mars also allows students to have (…) a note at this time of the year, which will then count in Parcoursup », he continued, praising the “baccalaureate upgrading”. “But those who say May or June also have arguments when they say that the health crisis has created delays among students, that we must give them time, we must know how to hear that too”, he nuanced.

32% of the final grade

The Minister of National Education had assured Monday, June 24, during a trip to Tourcoing, that a decision would be taken “within eight days”, the time to consult unions and representatives of parents and students. These specialty tests – which concern both “specialties” chosen by high school students in the final year – were born from the baccalaureate reform decided by Mr. Blanquer, and count for 32% of the final exam mark. They have never been organized before, due to the health crisis. In 2021 (first year of the new baccalaureate), they had been canceled and replaced by continuous assessment.

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High school students have notably proposed maintaining the tests in March, possibly postponed for one or two weeks at most, with adjustments to the tests, such as, for example, two subjects to choose from for one test (instead of one alone).

Events possibly postponed to May or June

Some teachers and school leaders, on the other hand, are in favor of a postponement. “March is too early, because January and February have been or will be very disrupted. June is too late, because the specialist teachers cannot both correct the copies and pass the great oral. May seems to us to be the best for the students”, says Claire Krepper, national secretary of the Union of Teachers-National Union of Autonomous Trade Unions (SE-UNSA).

Other unions, including the National Union of Second Degree Teachers (SNES, first among middle and high school teachers), are leaning towards a postponement in June. “A large part of the students are at a distance or sick. It’s impossible to finish the programs, so the idea is to leave time to prepare better.” students, says Sophie Vénétitay, of SNES-FSU.

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But a postponement in June would mean that the high school students of the final year would chain the two specialty tests, the philosophy, then the great oral – a test that is out of the ordinary for French students. And the teachers correcting these tests will have to pass the grand oral, the anticipated French tests and the philosophy tests at the same time.

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