July 7, 2022

the entry into force of the vaccine pass delayed in certain overseas territories

The vaccination pass, which replaces the health pass, comes into force in France on Monday. But in Overseas, this is not yet the case everywhere.

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From Monday 24 January, a negative test is no longer enough: the vaccination pass becomes compulsory in France to go to a restaurant, to the theatre, to a stadium or even to travel by plane or on board a TGV for people of over 16 years old. The only exception: the overseas departments. Indeed, deputies, senators and members of the joint committee voted for an amendment allowing each overseas prefect to decide on the date of entry into force of the vaccination pass on its territory. When the circumstances justify it, the representative of the State may adapt the restrictive measures. Clearly, the implementation of the vaccination pass may be delayed there.

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The prefects of Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana have already taken this decision to postpone the entry into force of the vaccine pass, to avoid any cutting effect and not to rekindle the social climate, in territories where the vaccinated are still a minority. Most of the overseas elected officials requested this exception, but the PS senator from Guadeloupe, Victorin Lurel, also sees a danger in it. “If because of our request, the circulation of the virus were to cause deaths by the hundreds, we will bear a heavy responsibility., believes the chosen one. I think the prefect will speed up anyway since every week there is a Covid-19 monitoring committee in each of the departments. If there should be an acceleration of these indicators, they will not hesitate to bring it into force sooner than expected.”

In Reunion, no postponement: the vaccine pass will come into force this Monday, as for France. Same thing in Mayotte. In the absence of a vaccination pass, the prefects of the Antilles and Guyana have decided to extend the curfew, telework and ban on gatherings, as in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélémy. In all these departments, the state of health emergency is applicable until March 31, 2022.

In Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, where the application of the health pass aroused strong opposition, and where a deputy was attacked in front of his home by anti-passes, inhabitants of the archipelago require local adaptation.