January 29, 2022

the difficulties of the Popular Primary in establishing itself as a “justice of the peace” on the left

“We go around in circles in the fog”, “Everyone wonders what will happen tomorrow, but the main protagonists ignore it …” To hear from the left these days is to expose yourself to phrases out of a Beckett play. Four months before the 2022 presidential election, the left has not emerged from the uncertainty.

Popular Primary always swings between a format « investiture » which would make compete including the refractories, the ecologist Yannick Jadot and the “rebellious” Jean-Luc Mélenchon, and a real process involving all the candidates to comply with the result of the vote. The socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, will undoubtedly also be the former justice minister Christiane Taubira, on condition that she officially declares her candidacy before January 15.

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Three candidates remain, MEP Pierre Larrouturou, Rennes public health expert Charlotte Marchandise and climate activist Anna Agueb-Porterie. The first is determined to maintain his candidacy. On the other hand, the evolution of the voting rules along the way somewhat irritates Mr.me Agueb-Porterie. La candidate “Radical left” has the impression that she is being pushed towards the exit. «Il n’y a pas que Jadot, Taubira, Hidalgo», she gets annoyed in a video posted on Twitter Thursday, December 23. “After I was urged to think about maintaining my candidacy so as not to offend the ‘big candidates’, I want to say that ‘I’m there, I’m staying there’. They would miss more than trying to oust me from the TV debate ”, adds the 23-year-old.

As for Mme Merchandise, she says she wants to be a candidate until January 15, 2022 “To bring the subject of democracy”. At the beginning of December, requested by The world, she confided that she would withdraw her candidacy in favor of Mr.me Taubira if it officially presented itself.

Neither Fabien Roussel, candidate of the French Communist Party, nor Arnaud Montebourg are part of the panel resulting from a sponsorship process that ended on October 11. To be declared a winner, the nominated candidate must undertake, after the results, to respect a common programmatic base and to “Implement all the means at its disposal to bring together around and with it the other candidates carrying a project of social justice, ecology and democratic renewal”. A formulation that engages… or so little.

An online vote scheduled for January 27-30

This process has long been despised by left-wing parties. For two weeks, everything has changed. The Socialist Party has sought to gain the good graces of the organizers so that the process serves the united appeal of their candidate. Mme Hidalgo initially set conditions, hinting that if Mr Jadot did not participate, she too would maintain her candidacy. “If this outstretched hand does not succeed, obviously I am determined to bring my proposals”, she declared on December 17th.

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