January 26, 2022

The Collective invites itself to the Plenary of the Regional Council

They are several hundred to have met in Basse-Terre, in front of the entrance of the CHBT, responding to the call of the Collective of associations and movements in the fight against the vaccination obligation and the health pass. A meeting that led them to the premises of the Regional Council

There was little chance that the meeting fixed by the Collective this Thursday in Basse-Terre was a coincidence with the holding that same day of a regional plenum.
A meeting certainly fixed in front of the CHBT, recalling in this the original cause of the movement, but also a starting point of a demonstration in the streets of the Chief town, particularly those which could lead them from the district of La Jacinthe to that of the Carmel then from Petit Paris to the outskirts of Petit Paradis, seat of the regional community.

With the leader of the movement in mind, setting the pace for a proactive march, the demonstrators immediately invaded the building, not without a crash, inside which, the regional elected officials held their last plenary session of the year on Thursday, the 4th of the term. A plenary session in which none of the 8 items on the agenda relates directly to the current social situation.
The purpose of the intrusion was therefore to force elected officials to take them into account.

©G. Blanquet

But once in the hemicycle, they could only note the absence of elected officials. Warned of their arrival, the regional advisers chose to speed up their meeting by going over certain points, before leaving.

Collective event in the region

©Th. Philippe

For the time being, the demonstrators are still in the hemicycle which they occupy, alternating between slogans chanted forcefully and protest songs.
All this, without any interlocutor in front of them.

demo in the hemicycle

©G. Blanquet

Like one more episode in the dialogue of the deaf that continues between elected officials and members of the Collective.