May 24, 2022

the breakthrough of Le Pen, the erosion of Macron

Rising sharply in the Ifop-Fiducial scoreboard for Paris Match and Sud Radio, the candidate for the National Rally has never been so well placed. The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, he fell by four points.

Le Pen can say thank you to Zemmour. By overflowing her on her extreme right, the ex-pen of “Figaro” not only “refocused” the candidate of the National Rally, but he also made her more popular. She gains 8 points and 17 places in our scoreboard of political figures. With 40% of “good opinions”, Marine Le Pen has never been so well placed. The gap is also 13 points with his rival Eric Zemmour (27%, +1). With 57% of bad opinions against 66% for Zemmour, she managed to pass him the mistigri of the foil. Spared by walkers and the left, it is progressing among young people (+14), the elderly (+12), on the left (+10) and among LR sympathizers (+11).

Macron and the ministers fall

This is the other lesson from this barometer dominated by Philippe (61%, +1): Macron fell by 4 points, Castex by 6, as did their main ministers, Blanquer (-6), Le Maire (-6), Bachelot (- 5), Le Drian (- 3)… Only Attal (=) and Schiappa (+ 3) escaped the bad mood of the French. The mess at school, fears about purchasing power and perhaps the president’s cookie-cutter words are paid for in cash. Eighty days from the first round, these signals do not bode well.

Exes in shape

This beginning of the campaign curiously benefits the former presidents. Already on the rise in December, Sarkozy gained another 2 points and moved up to 3rd place, ahead of Holland, also up 2 points. It had been a long time since the two exes had not appeared in the leading quartet. On the right, Pécresse is experiencing a slack (- 5), Bertrand (- 4) and Ciotti (- 3) as well. The leader of the right will console herself with the record support of 92% of LR voters… On the left, Mélenchon continues her recovery operation: +3 points (39%). The rebel is ahead of his competitors in the presidential race. Tested for the first time, Taubira reaches 37%, an honorable base without breaking the bank. However, she is ahead of Yannick Jadot (35%, +7), and Anne Hidalgo (34%, +2). Carried by a dynamic campaign, the communist Fabien Roussel (+5), he takes off for the first time.

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