January 26, 2022

Terrible accident on the A20: four people perish after the North Lot toll

At the gates of the Lot, just after the Gignac interchange, on the Corrèze side, a terrible accident left four victims all dead on Sunday evening. The circumstances of this tragedy, which occurred in the direction Toulouse-Paris, are particularly violent and the first witnesses as well as the helpers are upset by this tragedy.

It is around 9 p.m. last night, a salt spreader from the Dirco de Brive (Interdepartmental Directorate of Central West Roads) takes the access ramp to the A20 motorway, at the level of interchange 53, municipality of Nespouls. For reasons that the gendarmerie investigation will have to determine, a vehicle strikes the rear of the intervention vehicle and becomes embedded in it.

The investigation entrusted to the Parquet de Brive mentions that the traffic conditions were delicate, with patches of fog and a risk of ice.
DR-Firemen of Corrèze-Sdis 19.

In shock, the spreader lies down. The two vehicles will stop several tens of meters further, between the emergency lane and the right-hand traffic lane. The car bursts into flames. Immediately the first users of the A20, witnesses of the scene, try to extinguish the fire using extinguishers brought by truck drivers, in vain.

Victims still being identified

This accident killed four people, including the operator of the salt spreader, originally from Corrèze and aged 57. The three victims of the unregistered car in Occitania are still being identified.

Alerted, the motorized gendarmerie platoon of Souillac triggers an intervention of its patrollers, among the first on the scene of the tragedy. The gendarmes of the DRS, Road Safety Delegation of Corrèze, under the command of Captain Xavier Berhault, quickly arrived on site. Just like the firefighters, who came from the Brive, Allassac and Souillac rescue centers.

The Corrèze patroller who was carrying out a salting operation was 57 years old.

The Corrèze patroller who was carrying out a salting operation was 57 years old.
DR-Firemen of Corrèze-Sdis 19.

The gendarmes of Corrèze will hire eight personnel and in particular a criminal investigation technician who will carry out the first statements and findings necessary for the needs of the investigation entrusted to the prosecution of Brive. While on the Lot side, the motorway is immediately closed to traffic, in the direction Toulouse-Paris, the gendarmes set up a detour. It was not until 4:30 a.m. on Monday morning that the traffic lanes will be reopened after an operation to lift the motorway intervention truck and the evacuation of the charred carcass of the car.