January 26, 2022

temperature records may fall for the end of the year

Temperatures will hover around sixteen degrees by the middle of next week, and may even reach 20 degrees in places.

The particularly mild temperatures recorded for this Christmas weekend will continue, and even show increases next week, according to current forecasts. Smoothness records are even expected in places in France.

“Almost spring-like conditions will set in at the start of next week”, explains on BFMTV Patrick Marlière, director of Agate Météo. “It will start tomorrow, and will increase because from the middle of the week the temperatures will rise quite sharply.”

According to current forecasts, temperatures could reach around 16 degrees on average, “with peaks at 20 ° C near the Pyrenees,” says Patrick Marlière. Météo France is thus considering up to 19 ° C Thursday afternoon in Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales).

“Records could be broken”

The website La Chaîne Météo speaks of a “spectacular warmth” from Wednesday. “This softness could become exceptional, and records could even be broken. We will approach the levels of the beginning of April in places,” he said.

“The mildness that is looming for the last days of 2021 promises to be exceptional over a large part of Europe. It should peak in France on December 29 and 30,” written on twitter Météo France forecaster Gaétan Heymes.

“If we go to Lille for example, almost from December 28 until January 2, every day we will beat temperature records. The oldest date from 1955, the most recent from 2017”, also declares Patrick Marlière. “Everywhere in France we should, for this end of the year and the beginning of next year, beat temperature records”.

The forecaster Gaétan Heymes also notes that, despite the cold period experienced at the start of the week, the month of December could end up being on average above seasonal norms, “indeed, the period of exceptional mildness that is coming (until ‘at + 8 ° C anomaly) will switch the anomaly to the positive “, he writes.

Salome Vincendon BFMTV reporter