May 24, 2022

teacher unions and elected officials protest against the ban on demonstrations on Thursday

The gathering was not authorized because the declaration of demonstration was transmitted too late, explained the prefecture of Paris.

The Parisian demonstration of several teachers’ unions scheduled for Thursday, January 20, to protest against the health protocol at school and the lack of means, was not authorized by the Paris police headquarters, because the official declaration was made outside -time limit, explains the prefecture in a press release.

The Prefect of Police “could only note that the legal deadlines were not respected and that he could not therefore issue a receipt” authorizing the demonstration, it is written.

This refusal of authorization is considered as a pure and simple ban by the trade unions, as well as by certain elected officials, while tensions are at their height between the Ministry of Education and the teaching staff. A formal appeal was sent by the unions against this decision.

“That the constitutional right to demonstrate is respected”.

“The Paris police headquarters refuses to authorize the demonstration organized by the inter-union of Île-de-France. Not content to remain deaf to the anger and the demands of the personnel of the National Education, the government, through its representative, denies them the right to express it by demonstrating in Paris”, regrets the CGT in a press release.

The union considers this decision of the prefect of police “unacceptable” and says “demand that the constitutional right to demonstrate be respected”.

“After a successful demonstration on January 13, the police prefecture banned the expression of staff demands following the announcements made by the Prime Minister (…) The FSU strongly protests and demands that the ban on demonstrations be lifted,” the union said in another statement.

Faced with this ban on demonstrations, the FO (France Ouvrière) union declares that “the Parisian demonstration will take place” despite everything on January 20. On the other hand, faced with the reason for the too short delay displayed, the union “pointed out that the delays were even shorter between the decision to put in place the last health protocol in the establishments and its application”, writes the union in a press release.

“The government violates the freedom to demonstrate”

“After the contemptuous and arrogant minister, the Prefect Lallement throws oil on the fire by banning the education demonstration on Thursday”, writes, on Twitter, the deputy of La France Insoumise Mathilde Panot.

Jean-Michel Blanquer “refuses to resign on TF1 and the prefect of police of Paris prohibits under a completely fallacious pretext the demonstration of the school Thursday”, declares for his part Florian Philippot, president of the Les Patriotes party and presidential candidate.

The environmental candidate for the presidential Yannick Jadot also criticized this decision: “Not content with mistreating teachers and students through erratic health management, the government flouts the freedom to demonstrate”.

He says his “support for teachers and their right of expression” and calls, as several elected officials have done in recent days for the “departure of Minister Blanquer”.

The New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA), for its part, describes the prefecture’s decision as “unacceptable”. “At a time when education staff, like nursing staff and all employees are suffering the consequences of government policy, the government once again wants to silence,” he wrote in a press release.

Salome Vincendon BFMTV journalist