January 26, 2022

Stephen Curry makes history as top 3-point shooter

It needed nothing less than New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden to make history. Stephen Curry became, Tuesday, December 14, the best 3-point shooter of all time in the regular season of the NBA, the prestigious American basketball league.

At the start of the game against the New York Knicks, the Warriors star knew that it was enough for him to score two shots from long distance to achieve this feat and exceed the legendary mark of 2,973 three-point baskets. What he applied to do, without pressure, from the first quarter, in less than five minutes and in three attempts, under the eyes of now former record owner Ray Allen, as well as Reggie Miller, now third in this prestigious ranking (2,560 baskets).

These two legends then took him in his arms, just like his father Dell Curry, a formidable former gunner who gave him the DNA of the sniper. A moment of intense emotion in the legendary Madison Square Garden, which gave him a huge ovation. So much so that the match stopped for five minutes.

“It’s a very, very special evening, in such a room… I cannot express how honored it is for me to see such a reaction here and how much this important step is appreciated”, said Curry on the channel after the match, which his team, incidentally, won (105-96).

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A 3-point record still escapes him

Earlier, Lakers superstar LeBron James got excited on Twitter: “I just landed in Dallas to watch Stephen Curry break the record and, even better, do it in the GARDEN !! WOW CONGRATULATIONS BROTHER !! INCREDIBLE !! “.

“It’s exciting to see Steph break this record. He revolutionized the way basketball is played and continues to leave fans in awe with his amazing artistry and extraordinary ability to shoot. Bravo for this historic achievement ”, reacted the boss of the league Adam Silver.

More maybe than wiping Allen shelves, it’s how quickly Curry got there that stuns. Where the first scored 2,973 three-pointers in 1,300 games, his hunter took 789 games to overtake him; or 511 less! The double MVP 2015 and 2016, also at the top of the standings for the largest number of baskets with three points scored, regular season and play-off combined, has only one record that escapes him to fill all the boxes: that of fourteen Long-distance shots scored in one game, held by teammate Klay Thompson.

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He revolutionized the game

Stephen Curry in his father's arms, after breaking the NBA regular-season 3-point baseline record on December 14, 2021, in New York City.

Stephen Curry, around whom a rejuvenated and successful team was rebuilt by Steve Kerr – former three-point shooting specialist – after the departure of Kevin Durant to Brooklyn, is the primary reason for this resurrection of Golden State, which currently dominates the championship. . After breaking his left hand at the end of October 2019, the leader came back even stronger, finishing top scorer of the regular season last with 32 points average, the best of his career, beating in the process his record of pawns registered in a single encounter (62).

Currently the league’s second-best scorer, Curry puts on an ongoing big show in the NBA. Able to succeed in tightrope walking gestures and magic tricks in any position, he has made a specialty of unsheathed shots very far behind the arc. There is not a corner of the floor where it has not hit the mark in thirteen years of career, the images regularly circulating the world.

As such, Stephen Curry revolutionized the game. An occasional weapon fifteen years ago, reserved for a minority of specialists, archery shooting ended up becoming the offensive option favored by most of the teams in its era. NBA. And a lot of players want “Make Curry”, without experiencing the same success.

It will be almost impossible to beat the record he will set when his career comes to an end. Because at 33, he still has many good years ahead of him. With 2,977 baskets now on the clock, the 3,000 mark is on the way in a few days, that of 4,000 within reach if it keeps up. Because nothing seems too far away for Stephen Curry.

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