July 3, 2022

Spider-Man No Way Home: how the big surprise of the Marvel film was organized

A great secret involves great responsibility! Take a behind-the-scenes look at the big surprise movie Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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Everything that follows in this article SPOILE Spider-Man: No Way Home. Read on if you’ve seen the movie or don’t mind the spoilers.

A little more is known about how the big surprise of Spider-Man: No Way Home actually came to fruition behind the scenes. This surprise, which we spoil in the next paragraph, sees the return of several Marvel characters in the new Spider-Man film.

In No Way Home, the Spider-Man played by Tom Holland meets the character’s previous “live” cinematic incarnations and the film marks the returns of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. Together, they team up to defeat an alliance of villains.

A big surprise for fans who had not been aware of the theories around this event, never seen in a superhero movie.

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Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

But we had to convince these two actors to resume their roles. Especially since, in the case of Garfield, it did not necessarily end very well. Marvel Cinematic Universe thinker Kevin Feige told the New York Times the first contact between the studio and the actors:

“Hi, we have an idea, would you like to take a part in this movie?” “Yeah, great! Can I read the script?” – “No”.

And this is apparently where the pack hurt: Tobey Maguire and / or Andrew Garfield twitched about their inability to access the script: “It was the most complicated part “, says Feige, “and this is where Amy Pascal, who calls everyone at all times of the day and night, is a wonderful producer and has made it all happen.”

So how did it really happen? Amy Pascal takes over:

These were real roles. [Je leur ai dit que] i was there for their first time as i would be there for this [nouvelle opportunité], and that I had too much respect for them and the work we have done together over the years.

It should be remembered that before being a producer at Pascal Pictures, her firm created in 2015, Amy Pascal was president, then director of the Sony studio, before the revelation of compromising emails forced her to resign in 2014. She therefore supervised Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchises and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the two producers, the actors felt confident and agreed to come back “blind”, therefore. A nice stroke for Sony, distributor of the film, which thus succeeded in creating an unprecedented moment in the history of pop culture on the big screen.

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