January 23, 2022

SNCF: a call to strike for the first weekend of the Christmas holidays

The unions are calling for the improvement of working conditions, hiring to compensate for insufficient staff, wage increases or even “a Covid bonus”. “We are going to enter our 8th year of wage freeze,” Fabien Villedieu, head of SUD-Rail, argued Tuesday on BFMTV. “The ball, today, is in the camp of the direction”, which “still has the possibility of hearing this anger”, he estimated.

The controllers and stopover agents (at the station) of the TGV Sud-Ouest are called to strike from Friday to Sunday by the CGT-Cheminots, SUD-Rail, Unsa railway and FO-Cheminots. For the TGV Sud-Est, SUD-Rail, Unsa railway and FO-Cheminots call for a strike on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of the three weekends of the holidays.

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES The main dates of the TGV in France

Same configuration in Occitanie, where Unsa rail, SUD-Rail and CFDT-Cheminots call the controllers to strike on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from next weekend. Identical scenario for the TER of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, where the CFDT, SUD-Rail and Unsa have filed the same type of notice over three days from Friday.

The employees of TGV Atlantique are called to strike by SUD-Rail “from” Friday. Asked about the notices filed on certain TGV networks, SNCF management did not wish to make “any comments”, while discussions with the unions are continuing.

For his part, the government spokesperson said he wanted to “minimize the impact of this strike for the French as much as possible”. “They want to be able to get together with their family for the Christmas holidays. We don’t particularly want to be on crowded trains during the Covid period because there are fewer trains to get around,” he said. added Gabriel Attal on franceinfo.

The week is punctuated by other social movements at the SNCF: Monday on the TGV Nord, in Normandy and the H line in the Paris region, Monday and Tuesday on the TER of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Tuesday in the Pays de la Loire…

Thursday and Friday, several lines in Île-de-France are concerned, such as the RER B, C, D and E, or lines H, K, N, P, R and U. Calls for a strike only on Friday have also been launched for the controllers of the Alps, the agents of the Lyon region and Brittany.

Employees of Newrest, in charge of catering on board trains, are called to strike “from Thursday” by the CGT and SUD-Rail.

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