January 18, 2022

“She is lying, I have never hit a woman”, assures Alain Schmitt

As in the Bobigny court on Tuesday, two versions clash around domestic violence between the judokate Margaux Pinot and her companion and trainer Alain Schmitt.

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The day after the announcement of his release by the Bobigny court, Alain Schmitt made a point of speaking at a press conference on Thursday, December 2. Surrounded by his two lawyers, the former judoka proclaimed his innocence and questioned the words of his companion, Margaux Pinot: “What she says is 100% wrong. I asked the police if I could file a complaint. Of course she’s lying, he asserts in front of journalists. I never put blows.

His version of this evening is totally different from that of the judokate: “I’m in the door, my head bangs, it bumps, we bump, I fall on her, she knocks me on her, it never stops. I feel like it lasts forever“, he says, assuring that”no blow comes directly to the face.“But he recognizes:”The percussions were strong. We went from right to left in the walls, the radiator. We hit everywhere. I do not carry any blow.

Faced with the avalanche of support received by Margaux Pinot, Alain Schmitt explains: “I received calls. Those who know me know that I cannot hit a woman. ” But the coach also received a lot of other messages, much less positive: “I feel attacked. During the night, I received 100 death messages, plus Margaux’s family. If I can be avoided today, that satisfies several people. They are destroying me socially, and a lot of people are behind it, it goes beyond a tribunal.“And to add:”French athletes called Israel to harm me, especially after my release.

Sporting a huge bruise on the upper right part of his face, Alain Schmitt insists: “There was an appeal (from the prosecution), it’s justice. They have the right to do it and they have done it. Now, what I do not respect, however, is the media lynching that has been carried out around this. Instagram, Twitter, it’s anything but a court“. His lawyers expressed peace of mind in view of the appeal.