January 26, 2022

Sanitary Pass: In which cases can it be deactivated from this Wednesday, December 15?

From this Wednesday, December 15, certain health passes will no longer be valid with regard to the authorities, restaurants, bars and any place requiring the presentation of this document. But who will be the people affected by this measure planned by the government?

People over 65 who have been vaccinated for seven months or more on this date will be the first to be affected by this deactivation of their health pass.

Concretely, when they present their QR Code, it will be considered invalid, even if the two doses of vaccines have been carried out.

The same mishap also awaits people who have received a Janssen vaccine and who have not been recalled.

Deadlines to be respected

On the site dedicated to the health pass set up by the government (available for consultation HERE), the authorities specify: “People 65 years of age and over who have had their last dose of vaccine before May 17 must have recalled by December 15 to obtain a new valid vaccination certificate, since they will have passed by that date the period of five months to be eligible for the booster and eight weeks to carry out this booster ”.

And to add: “People vaccinated with Janssen having had their single dose before October 17, must have made their additional injection by December 15 so that their vaccination certificate is not deactivated, since they will have passed by this date the a period of one month to be eligible for the recall and four weeks to carry out this recall ”.

In the second case and only when their recall has been made, the people concerned will see their health pass become active within seven days after the injection if this is the second dose for those affected by the injection. Janssen vaccine.

However, when it comes to a third dose, the reactivation of the sanitary pass is automatic and without delay.