May 22, 2022

RC Strasbourg – FC Nantes: Stéphan congratulates his players, Kombouaré has one regret after the match

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Julien Stephan : “It was a tough, tight match. I congratulate the players for this victory acquired in a different way, with great defensive solidity. We did not concede a transition from the match. We had fewer big situations than usual, but the victory is deserved. We knew that the first to make a mistake would lose. The priority was to be balanced and to attack well. Against a team that defends well and is confident, you need patience. We had to in this match. These are less spectacular matches… despite everything, we create situations. You have to be proud of the victory. In this match, it doesn’t matter who the scorer is, the main thing was to continue to turn the clock. We’re delighted. I think there was respect between the two teams who are on interesting dynamics, quite close to each other. It was a men’s match, in winter conditions. But you have to be able to go through that in a season.”

Antoine Kombouare : “It’s a big disappointment, especially with the way we take the goal. Overall, we defend very well. Three shots on target from the second best attack in the championship. We are unhappy for Fabio. It’s infuriating “There is no stoppage. It’s annoying to lose this way. I think Strasbourg wanted this victory more. We defended well. There were shots to be played in the corridors. We weren’t at the end of our intentions. And Strasbourg defended well on our three attackers. I would have liked a more solid game offensively. It wasn’t the case. The last game, they conceded 4 goals. They had revenge to take.”

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Discover the reactions of Julien Stéphan and Antoine Kombouaré after the match between RC Strasbourg and FC Nantes, won by the Alsatians (1-0).