May 16, 2022

RC Lens – LOSC (1-0): Pouille announces record losses and hits hard after the incidents

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Arnaud Pouille held a “special” press conference to discuss the incidents that occurred on Saturday during the derby between RC Lens and LOSC (1-0). The general manager of the artesian club has toughened its tone following the sanctions imposed by the League. “I bring the thoughts of RC Lens to the people who have been touched. Before the game: breaking an anti-intrusion net in the visitor park. The study of the facts by RC Lens shows that this is an intentional step. There are unspeakable acts of violence with projectiles. Seats, scraps to the Trannin and also a few seats that go back to the parking lot, he listed in front of the media. The intrusion of twenty individuals from the Marek occurs. These 20 individuals were repulsed by the rapid intervention section, unfortunately they were followed by a hundred others from the Marek. These facts seem to be more hooliganism than supporterism. “

Two million losses for Racing

If Pouille wanted to salute the “two professional groups and leaders of RC Lens and the opposing club who behaved perfectly the week preceding the meeting”, the leader of Sang et Or quantified the extent of the damage at the financial level. “The investigation launched lasts 15 days with total closure of the stadium. It’s a very heavy section for us. We respect her. The deadlines mean that two encounters are in it. We are therefore impacted: two million turnover of which the club will be deprived, he breathed. 80 fractured seats, or 25,000 euros in material damage, exclusively in visitor parking. Devastated toilets. We cannot say to ourselves that it is a football fan who can behave like this. The visitors’ park will be closed until we have arranged the bottom. “

17 individuals are the subject of a procedure

In terms of sanctions, the director general of RC Lens announced strong measures for the supporters. “We are on individual sanctions: stadium ban for any identified person who would have entered the lawn. The land is sacred. No exceptions. Even though there was a mix of Ultra Sections member and conventional viewers, we want total intransigence. We do not cross the security lines, he added. It will go from 9 months to 36 months, the maximum that we can apply to our level. For deviant behavior, a complaint will be filed by the club (editor’s note: exhibition, Nazi salutes …). I cannot express myself by saying that I do not trust my supporters. I have extreme confidence in 99.99% of the supporters. At this stage, 17 people who will be the subject of a procedure but the identification work will continue for the necessary time. We thus agreed that we will set up the official recognition of the sections with a certain number of constraints so that we have the right interlocutors to build and analyze and to be able to sanction. “

to summarize

Arnaud Pouille reacted at a press conference to the sanctions imposed on RC Lens following the incidents that occurred in the North derby on Saturday in Bollaert (1-0). The general manager of Sang et Or is up.