May 22, 2022

Rain causes postponement of first F2 race in Sochi

The weather forecast let fear a white day in Sochi; this Saturday of the Russian Grand Prix does not start under the best auspices.

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Already, Race 1 of FIA F3 had been brought forward to this Friday afternoon to lighten the schedule for this day – it had also been the scene of Dennis Hauger’s coronation. The Formula 2 Sprint 1 Race was now scheduled for the start of the day this Saturday, but there was too much rain and too much standing water on the track to launch the cars in these conditions.

Two F2 races and one FIA ​​F3 are normally on the program today, but it is all about knowing what will happen to Formula 1, with the third free practice session and qualifying scheduled for Saturday. A press release from F2 says the intensity of the rain is expected to start to decrease around 1:30 p.m. local time.

Regarding the EL3, supposed to take place between 11h and 12h, French time, nothing is excluded. “We have a few options, as we have sometimes seen before”, says Michael Masi, FIA race director. “We could start the session and then immediately wave the red flag and let the clock run. And judge the weather at that time. Otherwise, if we see that there is going to be a downpour during the whole session. , we will abandon FP3 to aim for qualifying. “

As for the qualifications, they are already supposed to end just two hours before sunset and cannot be delayed indefinitely. Any delay in qualifying would also have a major impact on the second round of Formula 2, scheduled for the end of the day.

“The determining factor this afternoon will be the brightness”, adds Masi. “The sunset is around 6:15 pm, but with weather conditions like these, the brightness obviously goes down much earlier. That’s what will be our limit. If qualifying can’t take place today, so like a few times in the past they will take place on Sunday morning. “

The conditions should indeed be milder tomorrow, even if showers could be expected anyway.