January 29, 2022

Radio audiences regain color, except for Europe 1

MEDIA – An improvement. The radio audience regained its colors in November-December 2021, without regaining its pre-health crisis level, with nearly 41 million daily listeners, benefiting in particular to France Inter which is needed.

According to data published this Thursday, November 13 by Médiamétrie, the number of daily radio listeners, all stations combined, reached 40.8 million between November 1 and December 26, or 429,000 additional listeners in one year and 178,000 of more compared to September-October.

This recovery from last year is explained by the absence of travel restrictions, which had dropped radio listening between a reconfinement imposed in November and the establishment of a national curfew in December. .

In this more favorable context, France Inter retains its status as the most listened to radio station in France with nearly 7 million listeners and a stable cumulative audience of 12.7%, despite the drop in its audience share over one year ( -1.1 point at 13.6%).

France Inter acclaimed

“It is a plebiscite for the public service in general and for France Inter in particular”, according to Laurence Bloch, director of France Inter, who sees in this result “the proof that, when one respects listeners far from the clash and controversy, they are there ”.

RTL remains the second radio station in France with a cumulative audience of 11% (-0.2 points in one year) and 6 million listeners daily. “It’s really a very good performance for us”, congratulates AFP Régis Ravanas, general manager of the radio activities of the M6 ​​group.

Franceinfo consolidates its position as the third radio station in France, which it won a year earlier, with nearly 4.7 million daily listeners and a cumulative audience of 8.5%, however down 1 point over one year. “Our results are at a good level, in the high average of the audiences of the chain”, comments for AFP Jean-Philippe Baille, director of franceinfo.

Public radio is closely followed by NRJ (8.1% cumulative audience, +0.1 point in one year). In the rest of the ranking, Skyrock is progressing (6.2%, +0.2%), RMC remains stable (6.1%) and France Bleu is down (6%, -0.2%).

Europe 1 tumbles (again)

Indie radios, a group of 130 local, regional and thematic stations, are growing strongly (+1 point to 14.3% of cumulative audience). On the other hand, Europe 1 fell in one year with 4.2% of cumulative audience (-0.8 point) and 448,000 fewer daily listeners.

According to The world, the station continues to suffer from the departure of the comedian Nicolas Canteloup, crossroads of the morning, “but which it nevertheless decided”. This decision has serious consequences on the hearings: less 287,000 listeners in one year. The takeover of Europe1 by Vincent Bolloré led to the departure of several of his voices, such as Patrick Cohen, Bertrand Chameroy, Hélène Mannarino, Julie Leclerc, Michaël Darmon and Laurent Cabrol.

His boss, Constance Benqué, did not wish to respond to the requests of the World. In a press release, the station prefers to congratulate itself on the beginning of a recovery in its afternoons on “the CSP + compared to September November 2021”.

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