May 22, 2022

Puel bets on a strong asset against Nice and warns of incidents

Zapping But! Football Club ASSE: the editorial of Laurent Hess on the nice shot Pape Cissé

Despite worrying results, Claude Puel is staying the course at ASSE and thinks that the Greens are on the right track. “In the game, we had 3 interesting and coherent first games, even if we could have taken more points. We should have capitalized more, he said at a press conference. This last match in Monaco was in a positive line compared to the chances we created. It is essential to keep this in order to move forward. It is difficult because we are not rewarded. We must insist. “

To boost tomorrow against OGC Nice at Geoffroy-Guichard (5 p.m.), the coach of the Greens wants to bet on the main quality of his group: resilience. “I don’t have exactly in mind what happened during our bad series, but our group has always been involved, he analyzed. We take bamboo shots, but we get up immediately to aim for victory in the next match. In their football education, they grew up from their last season because they did not give up in the face of adversity. It’s the same at the start of the season. We are in a delicate situation. “

Puel and the match

If the coach of ASSE should unveil a group without surprise tomorrow, he seems convinced that OGC Nice is a serious candidate for the places of honor. “In view of the transfer window and the investments made, it is a team that aims for the top of the table,” he continued. Their latest results will push them to do better against us. As for us, the criticisms are legitimate but there are many elements to the contrary at the moment. It hurts to see a team fight and see things slip away. “

Finally, Puel returned to the recent incidents which sowed trouble in L1. “The first thing is that by seeing the people of Nice come here, I hope that the converse will be valid. The media have a role to play in the galleries. Some played the role of the match. It’s everyone’s business, he warned. The issue of the stands is not new. Everyone must sweep in front of their door. It is also at the level of the leaders not to be permissive. At times, we weren’t tough enough. Some clubs and authorities have let it pass with some supporters. It seems that we have become aware of the thing, it must be treated well so that those who love football find themselves there. “

to summarize

Claude Puel held his press conference at ASSE two days from receiving OGC Nice in Geoffroy-Guichard as part of the 8th day of Ligue 1 (5 p.m.). The coach of the Greens gave news of the Saint-Etienne group.