May 22, 2022

Presidential: Eric Zemmour wants to make an impression again with a big meeting, in Lille

Eric Zemmour made an appointment with his supporters in Lille, this Saturday, February 5, for a new major campaign meeting. About 8,000 supporters are expected.

Two months after Villepinte, where he had brought together 10,000 people, and despite the incidents that occurred (intrusion by activists from SOS Racisme), the declared candidate Eric Zemmour therefore intends to make an impression again. Because if the dynamics of the rallies are favorable to him, he is still stagnating in the polls.

The candidate’s entourage informed that this meeting should focus on economic and social issues. Guillaume Peltier, former number 2 of LR now supporting Eric Zemmour, told AFP that the strategy would also be “to set up the match between Valérie Pécresse and us”, because “it is the most fragile” among the competitors to qualify for the second round of the presidential election.

A tense atmosphere in Lille

Will the remote fight with the president of the RN Marine Le Pen, who is organizing a “presidential convention” in Reims, this Saturday also, therefore not take place? Nothing is less certain, especially as the exchanges have gained in virulence in recent days between the two teams.

Those close to the polemicist also want to avoid overflows. The presence of protest demonstrators, who must meet near the place of the event, is announced. The mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, has also already launched hostilities by considering that the candidate was “not welcome” in her city.

In addition, activists opposed to Eric Zemmour announced on social networks to reserve seats for nothing in order to prevent his supporters from obtaining them and to make the room less supplied than expected. Answer this afternoon.

The choice of Lille is no coincidence for the candidate. He now wants to concentrate his forces on this region where Marine Le Pen is leading in the polls when the South is more favorable to him.