January 26, 2022

Presidential election 2022: Valérie Pécresse’s breakthrough is confirmed, according to the Odoxa-La Dépêche barometer

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Invested by the Republicans, Valérie Pécresse is propelled to second place among the favorite personalities of the French in our Odoxa barometer for La Dépêche du Midi. The LR presidential candidate appears to be a formidable adversary for Emmanuel Macron.

Four months before the ballot, Valérie Pécresse upsets the match announced between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron for the second round of the presidential election. Freshly invested by the Republicans, the president of the Ile-de-France region made a breakthrough in our barometer of December Odoxa for La Dépêche du Midi.

The now official candidate of LR progressed by 12 points in the ranking of the favorite personalities of the French (36% membership) rising to second place tied with Roselyne Bachelot, ahead of Olivier Véran and Bruno Le Maire but behind the untouchable Edouard Philippe (45%).

The LR investiture does not only benefit Valérie Pécresse. His unfortunate rival, Eric Ciotti, also took off, winning 12 points with the French (8th) and 27 points with right-wing supporters (4th).

Odoxa also tested the overall image of the right-wing candidate. And the results are rather positive: she collects 50% of good opinions (89% among supporters of the right-wing party). Tested against Emmanuel Macron, Valérie Pécresse is considered closer to the concerns of the French than the Head of State ( 26% against 23%). On the other hand, the President retains the advantage on several aspects: he is considered more “solid” and more “capable of leading France” than his opponent. The French believe her “capable of winning the presidential election of 2022” at 42% against 24% for the champion of the right.

The December barometer.

Macron et Castex stables

For Gaël Sliman, president of Odoxa, the breakthrough of Valérie Pécresse is a warning. “Since her very successful inauguration with the support of all the losers, Valérie Pécresse represents a real danger for the re-election of Emmanuel Macron. From now on, this arch-favorite president (if he presents himself) has, for the first time in 4 years, an opponent able to challenge him ”indicates the pollster.

Another notable point, the candidate deemed “competent” and “dynamic” is also well seen by LREM sympathizers: 61% of the voters of the President of the Republic have a good opinion of her rival.

Despite this breakthrough, Emmanuel Macron seems to keep several assets in hand. “With 44% popularity, the Head of State is always at the top for an outgoing president” assures Gaël Sliman. Another advantage: its Prime Minister Jean Castex is also at a high level of good opinions (42%). The executive couple still manages to satisfy nearly one in two people both in the electorate of the right (LR) and the left (PS + EELV).

Finally, in the Top 14 personalities, no noticeable change. Eric Zemmour is the one who arouses the most rejection with 58% (+ 3%) ahead of Jean-Luc Mélenchon 52% (-3).