January 25, 2022

Presidential 2022: When Xavier Bertrand was sure to be in the second round

POLICY – He thought he was “the best placed” to reach the second round of the presidential election in April 2022. He will not even be the second in the LR Congress. For Xavier Bertrand, penultimate of the Congress of the right, the disappointment is undoubtedly at the height of his ambitions. And they were huge.

This Thursday, December 2, the president of Hauts-de-France won 22.4% of the votes of LR members. It arrives far ahead of Philippe Juvin and his 3%, but behind Éric Ciotti, Valérie Pécresse and Michel Barnier. Asked about the reasons for his defeat, the president of the Hauts-de-France region invited the question “to members to know what is the meaning of their choice”. “I campaigned thoroughly” but “without succeeding in convincing”, he was forced to admit.

However, Xavier Bertrand left very confident. For months, he multiplied more than optimistic statements about his presence in the second round of the presidential election. In October, while he was a candidate for the Élysée outside the LR Congress, he was categorical in the face of Anne-Sophie Lapix at 20h de France 2. “You seriously think that if I were not today ‘ hui the best placed, you think that I would be in front of you this evening to explain my project to you? ”, he had launched.

Recurrence two months later against Jean-Jacques Bourdin, this time after announcing his return to the party. “It will be Bertrand in the second round, that’s how I see it”, he assured on RMC, praising “the echo of his campaign on the ground”. “You still don’t believe that for years now, I’ve been preparing myself as I prepare to say to myself ‘but boy are you going to play placed?’.

This great insurance will not ultimately have worked in his favor. On France 2, the journalist Anne-Sophie Lapix had left him speechless by reminding him that the polls were hardly favorable to him. He will never have the opportunity to contradict her, since his defeat at LR marked the end of his national ambitions.

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