January 25, 2022

Presidential 2022: Rousseau calls on the left not to “curl up”

POLITICS – It’s another little music. While Yannick Jadot, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the various tenors of the left play their solo scores while refusing – at this stage – the call to rally launched by Anne Hidalgo, some voices rise to orchestrate a concerto.

Sandrine Rousseau, who has often displayed her closeness to the rebels, is one of them. “Of course we must move towards a union” of the left supports in our columns the economist, surprise finalist of the EELV primary in September. But how to proceed with four months of the presidential election? Through a primary? And what will be his support for Jadot if the latter continues to wipe out the appeals of his competitors like Montebourg and Hidalgo?

“Obviously I would have campaigned differently”, book, this Tuesday, December 14, the one who now occupies the function of president of the “political council” of the Greens. She calls on her camp to “reach out” so as not to “curl up”. Interview.

The HuffPost: What is your view on the unionist call of the Socialists four months before the presidential election?

Sandrine Rousseau: It’s unexpected. It comes at a time when they are not in a very good position, it seems hard to deny. This being the case, I think of course that we must move towards a union.

According to you, is the response of your political party (Yannick Jadot and the general staff), between spits and mockery?

I did not take this option. I take care to open the door, always, because politics requires responsibility. Ecologically, we have a very short time to act and really change things. On the social level, the crisis is very present. Beyond that, the extreme right rises. We can deny it, but, in fact, it changes the political landscape.

I take care to open the door, always, because politics requires responsibility.Sandrine Rousseau

Is the primary the best way to unite?

On this, I am Yannick Jadot. If he and the party don’t want a primary, then there won’t be a primary. On the other hand, there is still a need to talk to each other, to make a serious proposal, to extend a hand and not to curl up.

Will you support him to the end, even if he doesn’t change his mind?

We are only at the beginning of things, but I entered a primary by accepting its rules.

We talk a lot about Christiane Taubira as a potential candidate on the left. One more. What do you think?

It is a political fact if it happens in the landscape. We will have to analyze things. I’m not yet completely sure that’s the case, but I hear there is a form of speculation, a form of envy.

Beyond Christiane Taubira as a person, whose fights I salute and respect, she is a woman that I admire enormously, there is also a question of project. What place for ecology? What ambitions to transform our society? Our economy? All of these questions need to be asked. We need to discuss it.

Obviously I would have campaigned differently, but there was a choice.Sandrine Rousseau

The rally must therefore be behind the environmentalists?

The ideal is the association of ecology and the social … but there, the wall in front of us is ecological. Political ecology is not just ‘we take a map and voila’, it is a fight of many years against the lobbies which send us today in the wall. This political construction, this social construction, this sociology of movement is very important.

How do you judge the start of Yannick Jadot’s campaign? Would you have done otherwise?

Obviously, I would have campaigned differently, but there was a choice. I would have liked the question to have arisen, but it does not arise. I think that the battle being played out is cultural, it is not just a set of measures. The subject is to reinvest the values ​​of the left, to talk again about progress, solidarity and making society. That is essential.

All the time that we devote to knowing whether we unite or not, we do not spend it telling the French what our values ​​are. I would like us to get out of this sequence quickly, that we obviously come out united. But now we have to talk to the French.

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