July 1, 2022

Presidential 2022: Like Beaujolais, Mélenchon Nouveau looks like that of 2017

POLICY – The new Mélenchon has arrived. Full-bodied, tannin, fleshy? The program of the leader of rebellious France comes out Thursday, November 18, with a taste … of déjà vu. And for good reason: it is the same, in an augmented and updated version of the 2017 vintage which allowed the Insoumis to collect almost 20% of the votes in the last big election. So close to drunkenness.

Beyond a few novelties, on gender equality, or rare strategic adjustments, on the European Union, LFI activists will not be disappointed to find “ecological planning”, “solidarity protectionism” in the “6th arrondissement”. Republic ”and its constituent assembly, as so many foundations for the presidential project of their candidate.

A new version, with 30 additional pages, printed at 60,000 copies, which will be available online and in bookstores from Thursday, at a price of 3 euros. A rate identical to that of four years ago, for a program called the same name: “l’Avenir en commun”, “AEC”, we almost hear “AOC”, for “controlled designation of origin” or the initials of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, on the same political line in the United States.

A “continuity” perfectly assumed on the side of the rebellious staff. “We had a good base. In 2017 we did not improvise things, so we do not have to deny ourselves today ”, explained Clémence Guetté, the co-manager of the famous program, during a meeting organized with the press on the sidelines. the launch of this new stage of the campaign on November 15.

In this logic, the flavors of the 2017 vintage can be found today: from the constituent to found a more parliamentary 6th Republic to the planning of the “ecological bifurcation”, including “the sharing of wealth” obtained through taxation increased wages above 4000 euros, or retirement at 60 years.

For the rebels, the five-year term of Emmanuel Macron that they intend to attack as “the president of the rich” during the campaign, requires going faster, stronger, on several points. “Densify” certain chapters or proposals, on overseas territories, against violence against women or to prevent health crises. This is an updated version after the social breakdown of macronism, ”Clémence Guetté told us.

European treaties and turtlenecks

This is why Jean-Luc Mélenchon plans to propose ten thematic “big plans” over the course of the campaign, like so many measures to be adopted immediately, from the first weeks of his five-year term. Quantified measures supposed to respond to various pressing social, environmental and democratic situations. The “social emergency law” presented by the member for Bouches-du-Rhône last September was the first example.

Question novelties, the change of foot operated on the European Union is undoubtedly the most striking. It is no longer a question of threatening the EU with leaving France if its member countries refuse to revise the treaties, considered too restrictive, for public investment in particular.

The rebels now want to mobilize less radical levers to put pressure on Brussels. “There is already a lot of disobedience mechanism”, explained Clémence Guetté, still in front of the press, citing the means used by “right-wing or far-right” leaders on the old continent: the empty chair policy, the budget of France paid to the Union, or the “opt-outs”, that is to say the punctual disobedience on strategic points.

It is also difficult not to see the visual difference between the two versions. When the cover of the 2017 version played the sobriety of a practical manual, giving pride of place to the rebellious logo, that of 2022 features a portrait of Jean-Luc Mélenchon looking head-on at the voter, all smiles, in a black jacket and turtleneck. .

A new 19% cuvée?

A way to relegate rebellious France to the background, behind the popular Union strategy? Jean-Luc Mélenchon is committed in any case to take a little height in this pre-campaign, to pass above his base and reach the popular categories or abstainers. All while refusing a union of the lefts, which he now considers “impossible.” Does this remind you of something?

As in 2017, the Insoumis hope that the social theme prevails in the campaign, while the far right has seen its media base reinforced by the emergence, in addition to Marine Le Pen, of the polemicist Éric Zemmour as a potential candidate. “The presidential election will be played on the social question and not on racialist or religious delusions”, assured Jean-Luc Mélenchon to The mountain, on October 24th.

In this context, the rebels – whose candidate currently tops out at around 10% of voting intentions – are convinced that the recipes of the past will produce the same effect next spring: namely, a harvest at 19%. At the risk of boring voters for the third campaign in a row? “The best jams are made in old jars,” says the popular saying. Nothing is less certain when it comes to Beaujolais.

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