January 25, 2022

Presidential 2022: Hidalgo no longer offers to double the salaries of teachers, but …

POLICY – To double or not to double teachers’ salaries? Anne Hidalgo, who presents her program for the 2022 presidential election this Thursday, January 13, made it one of her flagship proposals. But she eventually changed her vocabulary (and also her method) slightly to achieve her goals.

A few hours before the official presentation at the headquarters of the PS, the socialist candidate gave a foretaste of her program at the microphone of France Inter. And while the National Education marks its disagreement with the government of Emmanuel Macron with a strike this Thursday, it returned to its flagship measure for the sector: the “doubling of salaries” … finally slightly revised and corrected.

“We will start with the salaries of school teachers. These teachers start their index grid at 1700 euros, while they are bac + 5 and a bac + 5 in France is recruited around 2300 euros at the start of their career ”, explained the candidate PS. She therefore wishes to “bring” them initially “to this level of recruitment”.

Even before formalizing her candidacy, Anne Hidalgo had spoken in her book A french woman for a “great movement to revalue salaries” in education. She considered “possible, over the duration of a five-year term, to at least double the salary of all people in contact with students.”

The measure had earned him an avalanche of criticism from his detractors. The idea had not really convinced the teachers either, tired of the “nutty” promises as they explained in HuffPost in this report.

Could it be for this reason that Anne Hidalgo gave up using the term of “doubling”, which suggests an immediate consequent increase? She admitted that if “there is not the word ‘doubling’”, her method remains “exactly” the same as what she wrote in her book.

“On the index scale, over the duration of the career and over several years of course – that is to say a five-year term or even a little more – we arrive at the level which is that of the remuneration of teachers everywhere in Europe, and which is double the remuneration of our teachers, ”she explained.

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