January 26, 2022

Pochettino’s discomfort is growing in Paris, the Red Devils still in a corner of his head!

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Finally, Mauricio Pochettino should stay on the PSG bench all season. If Manchester United wanted to make him their coach this week, Paris did not open the door to a departure. However, internally, the Argentine shows few signs considering a long-term collaboration. Indeed, The team tells us that if he has started looking for an apartment, the native of Murphy still stays at the Brach hotel in the 16th arrondissement, even though he still speaks English or Spanish and very little French.

Moreover, the sports daily reveals that Leonardo went this week to his coach’s place of stay to talk about the interest of Manchester United. A twenty-minute interview during which Pochettino denied wanting to leave PSG during the season when he replied that he felt fully invested with the capital club. The relationship between the two men is like that namely that they see each other regularly and elucidate their problems face-to-face despite their differences. These are explained by the lonely side of the Brazilian where the Argentinian likes the notion of collective, he who was very little consulted on the choice of players during the summer transfer window.

Pochettino wants to go to United next summer!

A version confirmed by The Parisian who says the former Tottenham manager still wants to join the north of England next summer. Worse, it is even his entourage who let the press filter his desire to join the Mancuniens during the season. The media say that the 49-year-old technician does not feel good in Paris, he who is unable to give an idea of ​​collective play to his team.

Consequently, Parisian leaders are aware that his departure this summer is inevitable and have already started looking for his successor while talks with Zinédine Zidane have taken place. Still, Pochettino has a huge advantage in knowing that he is liked by the majority of his squad. It is more the lack of solutions in the game that frustrates the players and the Ile-de-France staff. Regardless, the Pochettino record at Manchester United looks set to continue.

to summarize

While he will not visibly join Manchester United during the course of the season, Mauricio Pochettino would still have the Red Devils in the back of his mind. The Argentine technician would still like to join the north of England next summer.