January 29, 2022

Pochettino fired after Lorient? Imminent decision

After the draw in Lorient, Mauricio Pochettino is again in the hot seat at PSG and a decision from Doha would be expected.

Anger roars in Paris after the draw in Lorient

Mauricio Pochettino did not offer a peaceful end to the year after the last performance of his team, Wednesday evening, at the Moustoir stadium, on the occasion of the 19th day of Ligue 1 against FC Lorient (1-1). The day after this meeting considered humiliating in view of the strength available to the Argentine coach, anger rose a notch in the capital and the head of Pochettino, once again claimed.

“In view of this umpteenth indigent performance of PSG against the 19th in L1, and, whatever the final result of the match, it is clear that the club is going straight into the wall with Pochettino”, explained in particular the journalist Abdellah Boulma on his Twitter page. More incisive, the editor of Paris United, Nicolas Puivarau, did not even wait until the end of the match to request the departure of Pochettino.

“Either the players let go of Pochettino, so he has to break very quickly. Kind of half time. Either they didn’t drop it and they’re just dumb so Pochettino has to break up very quickly. Genre at halftime », he wrote on the social network. For the moment, nothing seems to be moving at the Factory, the headquarters of Paris Saint-Germain, but not on the side of Doha.

PSG Mercato: Zidane ready to take Pochettino’s place?

Despite a contract running until June 2023, Mauricio Pochettino will he meet the same fate as his predecessor Thomas Tuchel? This Thursday, the American channel ESPN reveals that Nasser Al-Khelaïfi is summoned urgently to Doha to take stock of the first part of the season. The sports media even believe that this appeal from the Emir of Qatar to his representative in Europe should mark the end of the story between Pochettino and Paris Saint-Germain.

Criticized for months, the Argentine technician has never managed to make his mark on his team despite the many efforts that were made last summer to build an envied team across the continent. As usual with the scoops concerning PSG, Khalifa Bin Hamad Al-Thani, member of the royal family, persists since Doha and ensures that things are already settled with Zinédine Zidane who should take over from Pochettino in the days or weeks to come. No official voice has yet paved the way for a departure of the ex-Tottenham manager, but things could pick up speed within the next few days.