January 26, 2022

Perpignan – ASM (26-24): the notebook of Clermontois

Etienne Falgoux (4). A performance without real flavor, despite a correct melee outfit. A lost ball after a good recovery from Lee in a ruck, two tackles (out of 4) missed and no activity in the game with the ball in hand. Replaced (67th) by Beria, he came back into play as a hooker.

Etienne Fourcade (3.5). Too much, far too much waste in his throws in touch. ASM lost two ammunition in the Catalan camp in two minutes at the start of the match. And what about this penalty (27th) … In the game, he tried to carry a few balls, but too often across. Replaced at half-time by management garay (3) who missed tackles, missed a throw in touch and received a yellow card (72nd) which was very expensive.

Jono Gibbes after the defeat of ASM in Perpignan (26-24): “Maybe a problem with my message”

Cristian Ojovan (3). Suffering from start to finish in melee, the Moldovan unfortunately confirmed that he was unable to raise the level this season. On the other hand, he was employed in defense and advanced a little with the ball. Replaced (49th) by Slimani (5.5) who restored order in the scrum and even helped out in the throw in touch.

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Vahaamahina best tackle

Thibaud Lanen (4.5). He lacked authority on a touch early in the game. He scratches a good ball on the ground. He then lowered his foot physically with several failed tackles until his exit and the entry (69th) of Jedrasias.

Sébastien Vahaamahina (6). Best tackle of his team (14 out of 14), the captain paid a lot of himself in the fight. He collects some important balloons that he has sometimes managed to bring to life. To his liabilities, he must avoid this broken arm (too much time for the establishment of the alignment) at the end of the match on a touch in the camp of the USAP which perhaps costs, in the end, the victory to ASM.

Perpignan – ASM: what to remember from the infuriating Clermont defeat to Aimé-Giral (26-24)

Jacobus Van Tonder (5.5). From the start, he made some rough tackles. He made an excellent contest on a Perpignan ruck (33rd). Present in the fight, he also carried a few balls in the heart of the defense, before accusing the blow physically. Replaced (74th) by Draws.

Judicaël Cancoriet (6). He tackled a lot, without real waste, most of the time with efficiency. He hit a few balls in the line, without making a difference. He continues a new meeting at 80 minutes.

Lee in his standards

Fritz Lee (6,5). The number 8 Clermont has found an activity worthy of its usual standards. Presence in the ruck zones, effective tackles and several sharp races in the Catalan defense.

Perpignan – ASM: give your notes

Morgan Parra (6). Apart from his average success at the foot (2 out of 5), including 3 corner transformations that fled the posts, he assumed his role as boss and tried to advance, especially in the first period when the ball releases were fast. He even recovered a few blows in defense.

John Joseph Hanrahan (5). A slightly more convincing performance, in the animation more than in his kicking game. He remains crumbly in defense and under pressure, he does not always make the right choice, as on this pass to Beheregaray in the middle of the field. Ball in hand, he tried to create uncertainty but he lacked the speed to create real differences.

Tiberghien confirms his performance from Toulon

Sheikh Tiberghien (6.5). At a winger position where we feel more comfortable, he confirmed his good performance from Toulon. Reactive, he leaves his zone well to come and insert himself on his first try. Just as realistic just before half-time when he resumes a game at the foot of Barraque to flatten in the corner. Replaced (69th) by Roziere which poorly covers the third curtain which offers a “50-22” to the Catalans.

Thani Willie (4.5). Strong, he tried to break through the midfield but without much success. He missed several important tackles and he forgets (25th) Moala to his right less than five meters from the in-goal when he chooses to go in force … in vain.

Top 14: ASM scuttles and bows in Perpignan in the final (relive the live)

George Moala (4). A modest and unusual performance for him. Poorly controlled tackles, lost balls and a fault fifteen minutes from the end that allows the USAP to pick up (19-24) that is struggling to compensate for its activity (more usual) in the opposing defense .

A convincing match for Barraque

Kotaro Matsushima (3). Relocated to a wing, it delivered an almost ghostly match. He created no danger, never put himself in a position to make a difference and his defense often remains questionable with four tackles out of five missed.

Jean-Pascal Barraque (6). With confidence most of the time, the versatile three-quarter gave a rather convincing game with judicious kicking. He tried to throw several balls from the back of the field. He scored a long penalty (33rd) and a well executed jump pass for Vili’s try. Caught once at the fault on the ground which offers the first points of Jaminet at the foot.

Christophe Buron