January 23, 2022

Payet’s huge rant against OL, OGC Nice and the authorities

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A bottle on the back in Nice followed by an attempted assault on the ground, another bottle, on the head this time, in Lyon: Dimitri Payet had a start to the season full of incidents. And the worst thing is that the disciplinary committee, by its refusal to crack down, leaves the door open to other incidents, not to mention the leaders of the clubs involved (OGCN, OL) who make believe that the Reunionese to be simulated. So many good reasons for the OM playmaker to push a rant in Le Monde, of which here are the good pieces.

“In fact, I was hurt as much by the bottle as by the impression of being responsible for the violence and the stoppage of the match. I say stop! You’re fed up. I’m sick of everyone putting it on. its grain of salt without bringing the beginning of a solution. Sorry, but it must be said, it is not the prefect who is on the ground, nor the prosecutor, nor the delegate of the League, nor the presidents of Nice, Lyon or Marseille. I am surprised that the players – the government, the league, the clubs – do not assume their responsibilities a little more. “

“That the givers of lessons come to play five minutes in a stadium on fire”

“I hear disgusting things, such as proposals to replace the player who would be the victim of an assault to resume the match at all costs. But it is sheer madness! It is the door open to anything . That the givers of lessons come to play five minutes in a stadium on fire and stop parading in the presidential stand. It is like those who lecture the fighters who enter a ring. The players are us, if we do not feels unprotected, we can’t play. “

“This is what I would like: at the next incident, whatever the stadium and including the Velodrome, I would like to see the two captains, the two coaches meet in the center circle and decide not to resume. now it’s up to the players to take their responsibilities. I know that this will make club leaders, those of French football and broadcasters turn pale, but I would like this idea to gain ground because that’s enough! more united with each other, regardless of the club in which they play. “

Payet’s platform to put an end to violence in stadiums

Assaulted twice in two months in Ligue 1 stadiums, Dimitri Payet wants to put an end to the excesses of the ultras against the players. He makes a proposal that the two teams agree to the next incident.