July 7, 2022

Paris FC – OL: the Bad Gones finally come out of silence after the incidents

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“Following the deplorable events that occurred this weekend during the Coupe de France match at the Charléty stadium, we, the Kop Virage Nord office, had to take the floor. We strongly condemn the unspeakable violence that took place that day. There. These deplorable acts have no place in a football stadium and bring discredit to our sport, the club we love and the association we keep alive. Like all football lovers, we never want to review the images that have been given to us since Friday. We nevertheless wish to re-establish certain facts: as during each of our trips, everything has been done to ensure that everything goes for the best. at the Gare de Lyon, then our transfer by bus, planned with the police, until the 22 actors return to the locker rooms. his work calmly to determine the responsibilities of each and to punish the responsible individuals. It is proven and acquired that the Lyon supporters were initially attacked by Parisian supporters and will give us the necessary legal consequences. That being said, we make an appointment with all our members and lovers of OL, from Wednesday, to support as they should, our team for the last time of the year. “

to summarize

Four days after the incidents that occurred during the Coupe de France match between Paris FC and OL, the Bad Gones reacted via a press release, strongly condemning the violence.