January 23, 2022

Parents of students from 27 schools are mobilizing Wednesday in Toulouse: we explain why

In 2022, the supervision rate in the leisure centers of Toulouse schools will change. What worries the parents of pupils and the animators, in particular in the extracurricular. (© Illustration / The Republican Chronicle)

Wednesday, December 15, 2021, a rally will take place in the Borderouge district.

27 associations of parents of pupils, with the support of the FCPE 31, have called for this gathering which will take place at 12 noon in front of the Municipal House of Families.

Clae’s hosts have been denouncing for months

The reason: to support the animators who have denounced for several months the measure that will change the rates of supervision of CLAE in nursery and elementary schools in Toulouse.

The municipality now decides to lower the supervision rates applying the minimum legal supervision threshold. In the opinion of all the professionals concerned, this threshold will not allow a quality reception either. The Clae will thus be transformed into a nursery: “this is not what we want for our children,” explains FCPE 31 in a press release.

Supervision rate in schools: what will change in 2022

Until now, in extracurricular, the prevailing rule was this: an animator could take care of 10 children in kindergarten, and 14 children in elementary. But from 2022, there will be change. In kindergarten, an animator can take care of 14 children and in elementary, 18 children. In other words, the animators will therefore have more children to supervise.

The town hall explained

The measure will take effect on January 1, 2022 and the Toulouse city hall ensures that this change in the staffing rate will be gradual.

“This is a measure that will take full effect in September 2022, in a little over a year. We are aligning ourselves with the regulatory supervision rates applied in extracurricular activities everywhere in France ”, indicated to Toulouse news Marion Lalanne de Laubadère, Deputy Mayor of Toulouse in charge of Education, last July.

“A reasonable choice”

The elected representative believed at the time that it was “a reasonable choice” and continued:

“Given the state of the finances of local authorities following the Covid pandemic and the various measures taken by the State in 2014 and 2015. Rather than increasing prices, increase taxes or lower the quality of educational offer in our schools and CLAEs, we decided to align ourselves with the regulatory rates ”.

“The supervision rate is not the alpha and the omega of educational policy but a means of carrying out actions”, finally estimated Marion Lalane de Laubadère:

“What we want, at the town hall, is to structure an animation sector that does not exist today, with less precarious contracts and a training offer for animators. This is our goal and it would be a real guarantee of quality to have facilitators with a long-term contract and training. This is what we are aiming for! “.

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