January 26, 2022

over 7,000 flights canceled worldwide over Christmas weekend due to the Omicron variant

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15h57 : On the eve of a new health defense council and a Council of Ministers, one of the hypotheses on the table is the establishment, in certain places, of an obligation to present a health pass but also a negative test. We sometimes speak of a “sanitary super-pass”, sometimes of a “2G +” system, in reference to its name in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, where it already applies. We explain the concept to you.


15h53 : Hello @saletemps. The fourth dose campaign has indeed not started in Israel. On Tuesday, the Israeli prime minister had asked to prepare for it, and the health minister had suggested that it could start today, but no formal announcement of a date had been made.

According to New York Times, the Ministry of Health is awaiting data from other countries to give its real green light. According to Times of Israel, this involves gauging the severity of the Omicron variant, the rapid spread of which was the reason given for authorizing a fourth dose. It is not known when the injections will start, and if Israel can go back.

15h39 : Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett had urged his advisory body to recommend a booster, i.e. vaccination with the 4th dose, and had also received approval. The start was scheduled for today 12.26., But was delayed, because there seems to be some doubts about the whole due to the increase in data on Omicron… https: //tkp.at/2021/12/26 / israel-verzoegert-impfung-mit-4-dosis-vorlaeufig /

14h47 : Hello . The number of unvaccinated people is known by deducting from the eligible population those people who are known to have received at least one dose. But it’s impossible to know how many of them have already been infected. They are counted in the 6 million. On the other hand, they only benefit from the pass if their positive test dates from the last six months. And the fact that they have been infected does not prevent them from being vaccinated.

14h41 : Hello France Info. Of the 6 million unvaccinated people, do you know the number of people who have had the Covid? The latter benefit from a pass. So are they counted in the 6 million unvaccinated?

14h40 : Hello @Jeany. The health defense council is scheduled for 4 p.m. and the Council of Ministers at 5 p.m. I do not know if these meetings will be followed by a speech by a member of the government (one can still suppose it) and no schedule is announced. Whatever happens, we will follow any announcements live. If you take a tour of our live around 6pm, you should be sure not to miss a thing.

14h32 : Hello ! Tomorrow is therefore the Council of Ministers, but when (ie at what time) are the government’s announcements scheduled following this council?

14h20 : Vaccination for 5-11 year olds is not compulsory. And it should not become so, nor be associated with a health pass, believe those who are on the front line when faced with parents’ hesitations. For Jean-François Pujol, “The first question is whether adults and children over 12 are vaccinated. They are the priority.”.

14h20 : For Jean-François Pujol, pediatrician in Gironde and secretary general of the National Union of French Pediatricians, being honest with parents is all the more necessary in the context of mistrust vis-à-vis vaccines. “You have to be as clear as possible, he slices. When we do not know, we must say that we do not know, and not falsely reassure. “

14h20 : While vaccination has opened to all children aged 5 to 11, pediatricians must also deal with the many questions from their parents. Our journalist Florence Morel interviewed these specialists. “If we want this vaccination campaign to be a success, we must be 100% transparent with families”, remember Christelle Gras-Le Guen, President of the French Pediatric Society.


14h34 : The “Boxing Day”, name now taken over by the French rugby championship, is originally a British tradition. This is the name given to Boxing Day and, by association, the day of the football championship which is still organized on this date. And there too, the Covid-19 spoils the party. Patrick Vieira, the French coach of Crystal Palace, will miss his team’s game at 4 p.m. after testing positive. Two of the eight meetings of the day have already been canceled.

13h23 : China is tightening restrictions in the city of Xi’an, already confined since Thursday, and where 155 of the 206 people tested positive in the last 24 hours live in the country. Businesses other than food stores and healthcare establishments must close. And residents will no longer be able to send a member of their household outside for essential shopping every three days, compared to two so far.

13h04 : Hello ! You quote the reproduction rate of the CovidTracker site, which is interesting, but is calculated from the count of hospitalizations. It therefore does not measure quite the same as the number of positive screenings, and reflects the dynamics of the epidemic with some lag. But stagnant hospitalizations are of course better news than an increase. And if this trend is confirmed in a few weeks, despite the explosion of contaminations observed these days, it will perhaps be an additional element suggesting that the Omicron variant causes less serious forms.

13h01 : Lots of cases, but the virus reproduction rate keeps decreasing, 1.06 yesterday. How to interpret? A good reason to hope or will the variant reshuffle the cards?

12h59 : Hello @Mathieu. I understand your point of view, but being asymptomatic does not necessarily prevent the transmission of the virus. In addition, no indicator makes it possible to distinguish symptomatic cases. It is obviously interesting, in order to judge the seriousness of the situation, to also observe hospitalizations (which seem to be stagnating) and hospital deaths (on the rise, but at a slower rate). Not forgetting that contaminations take some time to cause serious forms.

12h56 : The most important is not the positivity rate in this case, but the number of positive cases with symptoms. There are positives that would have passed through because asymptomatic.

12h48 : Another factor may be complicating the reading of yesterday’s figures: on December 24, some professionals failed to transmit test results to Health Insurance via the SI-DEP system for part of the day . One can wonder if some of these results were not recorded yesterday, or will be today or tomorrow. Conversely, public holidays and Sundays are traditionally days when the number of tests carried out decreases because the screening places are mostly closed. In short, to measure the dynamics of the epidemic more precisely, it will no doubt be necessary to observe the figures for next week.

12h29 : Hello and @Alex. If the increase in contamination was due only to an increase in the number of tests, we would observe a drop in the positivity rate, the percentage of positive tests in relation to the total. We do not yet know this figure for yesterday. The government dashboard curve ends on December 22. But it shows that the positivity rate has on the contrary seen a sharp increase since last Saturday, in parallel with the increase in the number of cases. It will probably be necessary to wait until Monday to know the positivity rate of the 24th and 25th.

12h29 : Yes, but the number of tests was multiplied by how much he on his side. Is it important to clarify?

12h29 : Hello, is the extreme figure for yesterday’s contamination partly due to the test effect before Christmas?