January 29, 2022

Olivier Véran “will ask the senators” to reconsider the conditioning of the device to a number of hospitalizations



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The Senators introduced in the bill on the vaccine pass a measure providing for the automatic shutdown of the device below a certain threshold of hospitalization. Olivier Véran assures Wednesday that the government does not wish to keep this provision.

“I will ask the senators to withdraw” of their version of the bill establishing the vaccine pass the mechanism that provides for its automatic shutdown, said the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, Wednesday on Franceinfo. This mechanism, voted by the Senate during the examination of the text, automatically eliminates the vaccination pass when the number of patients hospitalized due to Covid-19 is less than 10,000 nationally.

“I understand the spirit [de ce mécanisme], but it puts us hand and foot in the face of unforeseen situations that could arise and Omicron has shown us that “, he justified. “Imagine that we have 9,000 patients in the hospital and that we have a variant arriving and circulating at blazing speed […]. We would be unable to hand over the pass “, he added.

“The law, anyway, forces us – and it is our intention – to suspend all these devices when the health emergency is no longer obvious”, assured Olivier Véran. The vaccination pass “will in any case be limited in time” car “the law obliges us to do so. The vaccination pass goes hand in hand with the health emergency “, he insisted.