June 30, 2022

OL: Daniel Riolo settles the sanctions after the incidents, Lyon betrayed by 3 hooligans!

Zapping But! Football Club OL – Lorient: the debrief and the presentation of the derby

The disciplinary commission of the FFF announced yesterday radical sanctions: Paris FC and OL were served with the “loss by penalty of the match.” The PFC will also have to serve five firm matches of suspension of the ground relating to the Charléty stadium and will have to pay 10,000 euros fine. For OL, the penalties are as follows: the closure of the visitors’ area outside until the end of the 2021-2022 season, a penalty that applies to all competitions organized by the FFF and the LFP in which the first team is involved; the exclusion from competition of the Coupe de France, accompanied by the suspension, from the 2022-2023 edition, it being specified that the suspension can only be revoked if acts of violence are committed by its supporters and result in the final termination of the meeting before its end; 52,000 euros fine and reimbursement of costs related to the repair of damaged seats by its supporters.

Daniel Riolo welcomed these decisions finally taken in high places. “OL eliminated from the Coupe de France. The PFC too. Shared responsibility? Not really since OL have a heavier sanction … in short, as said from the famous evening, Lyon could no longer continue this competition, he analyzed on Twitter. So ‘supporters’ can lose a club, players… proof that we must conceive that Supp is part of the club for better and worse… And we opened a door with this decision. What about the call of OM following the sad OL / OM? “

RMC Sport also informs us that OL have been betrayed by videos showing that it is indeed Lyonnais hooligans who would have been at the origin of the excesses in Charléty this famous December 17th. “Paris FC sent three videos to the disciplinary committee: the arrival of the supporters, the patrolling of the parking lot and all of the video surveillance of the visitors’ stand at the Charléty stadium. The members of the FFF were able to see thanks to this last sequence that it all started, not with provocations from supporters of the PSG, but from three “hooligans” from Lyon, who arrived from the top of the platform “, indicates the radio athletic.

to summarize

Daniel Riolo commented on the decisions of the FFF disciplinary commission following the incidents which led to the interruption of the 32nd final of the Coupe de France between Paris FC and OL on December 17 in Charléty.