January 24, 2022

“no constraint” according to the swimmer who recognizes the facts

AGNEL. Accused of rape on a minor and indicted, swimmer Yannick Agnel admitted the facts, but explained that there was no constraint according to the prosecutor.

[Mis à jour le 13 décembre à 21h42] The investigation is progressing. After being indicted last Saturday, following his arrest for suspicion of rape of a minor Thursday, December 9, Yannick Agnel confessed. The double Olympic swimming champion admitted the facts according to Edwige Roux-Morizot, prosecutor of the Republic of Mulhouse. This Monday, December 13, ors of a press conference, she indicated that “he” recognizes the materiality of the facts. He did not have the feeling that there was coercion. “Specifying the age of the respondent and the complainant at the time of the facts, the prosecutor explained that” if the facts constitute rape it is because that you are aware that there is a very important age difference between the 13 years of the alleged victim and the 24 years of Yannick Agnel “.

“Yannick Agnel is still presumed innocent,” said the prosecutor, but has already issued that the “constraint” was established according to her. “When you have ten years of age difference, it is obvious that it is a real constraint of course. The personality of Agnel which could come into account, it is someone who has a strong personality. This is what characterizes for us the facts of rape and sexual assault “, she declared, adding again:” Yannick Agnel regrets it “.

“Like the majority of rape complaints, a whole psychological process took place with the complainant and which made her decide, because she was ill, to file a complaint,” Edwige Roux told the press. -Morizot. “All the facts took place in 2016. It also happened in Thailand, Rio, and Tenerife I believe. Which suggests that there were several facts.” The investigations are continuing, Yannick Agnel has been placed under judicial supervision and is not imprisoned.

The former swimming champion risks, according to article 222-24 of the Penal Code, up to 20 years in prison. The article indicating that “rape is punished by twenty years of criminal imprisonment when it is committed on a minor of 15 years”. The 29-year-old former athlete has been placed under judicial supervision with a number of obligations and prohibitions. “He is forbidden to leave the inner suburbs of Paris. He is forbidden except by judicial summons to go to Mulhouse. He was obliged to hand over his passport. He was prohibited from coming into contact with his agent Sophie Kamoun, with a certain number of people belonging to the Horter family and obviously with the victim Naome Horter “, details the magistrate.

What do we know about the rape charges against Yannick Agnel?

According to the prosecutor’s information, the facts go back to the years 2014 -2016 when the swimmer belonged to the Mulhouse club. Yannick Agnel came out of two years of training in the United States, in the wake of his Olympic titles in London in 2012. The swimmer had returned to France and had taken a license at Mulhouse Olympic Swimming in September 2014. He was there. trained for two years under the orders of Lionel Horter.

According to information from The team, which were not confirmed by the prosecutor, the complaint was lodged by one of the daughters of Lionel Horter, Yannick Agnel’s trainer between October 2014 and August 2016 “. The prosecutor indicated that the young girl was 13 years old at the time of the alleged facts. In the spring of 2016, Yannick Agnel would have been hosted by the Horter family, the sports daily indicates. But no other information has yet been leaked on the affair which has shaken up the world of sport since the first revelations. Since the announcement of the accusations, France Television has decided to stop its collaboration “because of the ongoing legal proceedings” and “until the conclusions of the investigation”.

Yannick Agnel in conflict with the Horter clan?

L’Equipe reveals that several swimmers have been auditioned in recent days before the custody of Yannick Agnel. And according to several media, this affair could revive the war between the Horter clan and Yannick Agnel … Yannick Agnel and the Mulhouse club have indeed been in conflict since the swimmer’s retirement. He claims 60,000 euros in unpaid bonuses from the club, which the club contested. In this case, Agnel had won at first instance but the Mulhouse club appealed against the decision.

Who is Yannick Agnel?

Born June 9, 1992, Yannick Agnel is one of the most successful swimmers in French swimming. Barely 20 years old, he won his first three Olympic medals at the London Olympics, including two in gold in the 200m freestyle and the 4x100m relay and a silver medal in the 4×200 relay. On this occasion, he became the first French swimmer to win two gold medals at the same Olympiad. The following year, the Nîmes renewed his performances at the Barcelona World Championships by winning the title in the 200-meter freestyle, and in the 4 × 100-meter relay.

Yannick Agnel retired

It was just after the Rio Olympics in 2016 that Yannick Agnel from Nîmes retired. The man with two Olympic titles will make this decision after his elimination in the 200m freestyle heats. After resuming his studies by integrating Paris-Dauphine University, Yannick Agnel became a consultant for France Télévisions in 2019.

Yannick Agnel and E-sport

The former swimmer is also very involved in the field of E-sport by becoming sports director of the professional team (MCES), an entity based in Marseille which excels at a high level in games like Fortnite, League of Legends or Clash of clans. For the past few months, he has also been hosting an eSport podcast in partnership with France Info and L’Equipe. Asked by Le Figaro, the ex-swimmer explained that he felt good in this new area. “When I stopped swimming, I focused on the areas that seemed to me to be the right decisions but I came up against the reality of things: I was not really passionate about my choices. touch the radiator to realize that it was hot. By funnel effect, I analyzed what I really wanted to work in in the future. And I found what suited me, especially with the E -sport.”

Yannick Agnel and Jordan Pothain

Considered one of the leaders in Rio, had Yannick Agnel let go of the France team? At the time, when he was engaged in the 4x200m relay, Yannick Agnel forfeited, leaving his team all alone. A difficult choice to cash at the time for Jordan Pothain. “Everyone will have their own opinion. We have been bathed in lies, a lot of lies surrounded this relay.” He even added in an interview with L’Equipe that “he was dishonest towards his teammates, the people of the France team and towards me as an individual”. The main party responded to the controversy at a press conference, assuring that he would have swam “suffering or not” if the national technical swimming directorate had not replaced him against his will. “Even at 40 fever, I would have got high, he added. Those who know me know that I have never let go of anyone, nor abandoned anyone, let alone my team.”

What is the shoe size of Yannick Agnel?

The Nîmes swimmer has quite impressive measurements. In addition to his 2.02m (he measured 1.93m at 14) and his 90kg, the London Olympic champion wears a 50.