July 4, 2022

Nîmes 1-2 TFC: The scores of Toulouse residents

After the victory of the TFC against Nîmes (1-2), discover the marks awarded by the editorial staff of the site LesViolets.Com to Toulouse players …

Maxime Dupé (6/10) : There is absolutely nothing you can do about the Nîmes goal. A relatively quiet evening for the Toulouse doorman, impeccable on the rest of his interventions, especially at the end of the game.

Mikkel Desler (7/10) : He multiplied the sprints on his right wing and put a silent Eliasson in his pocket.

Bafodé Diakité (5/10) : Well helped by the imperial Nicolaisen, the Pitchoun was not put in great danger.

Rasmus Nicolaisen (8/10) : Imperial in all areas, the sometimes criticized central was the first on all the balloons and made the Nîmes attackers live an ordeal. A goal with the key and a deviation on the second.

Issiaga Sylla (5.5 / 10) : The Guinean recovered important balls and prevented many Nîmes actions.

Branco van den Boomen (7.5/10) : The matches follow and are similar for the Dutch. A new decisive pass to his counter and an extremely important role in the midfield in the recovery.

Steve Mvoué (4/10) : too many lost balloons. Does not yet have the build of a holder in force.

Denis Genreau (4.5 / 10) : He failed more than succeeded tonight. Not successful, even if his cross is perfect on the second goal.

Brecht Dejaegere (5.5/10) : In the continuity of his average season, with good and less good, but difficult to judge when the player does not evolve in his favorite position. Combative and important nonetheless.

Teen Onaiwu (6.5 / 10) : The pair with Desler worked perfectly, with most of the action coming their way. Much more comfortable in this position.

Rhys Healey (5,5/10) : One (new) attacking goal, but two abnormal misses for an attacker. It goes.

Note the good entry of Moussa Diarra combative, as well as Sam Sanna and Logan Costa who pushed back two balloons at the end of the game.