July 7, 2022

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan more alone than ever for his third presidential election

Does the play repeat itself? Nicolas Dupont-Aignan faces the departures of two close collaborators, his communications director and his press officer, four months before the presidential election. “We make a whole cheese out of it”, wants to evacuate the sovereignist candidate, like last year. In December 2020, around sixty executives had left to form L’Avenir français, a small satellite party of the National Rally (RN) led by Jean-Philippe Tanguy, now Deputy Campaign Director of Marine Le Pen, and by Alexandre Loubet, his former communications director who became that of the RN.

The last straw, this time, was his own contamination with Covid-19, which intervened after months of anti-health pass campaign. Mr. Dupont-Aignan, who says he is unvaccinated, suffering from cough and fever, learned that his wife was positive for the virus on the morning of December 9. He himself tested positive the next day. On the 8th, he participated in the work of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly and in an interview with Radio Courtoisie. “Everyone has been warned”, assures the deputy of Essonne. But the chairman of the commission, Jean-Louis Bourlanges, says he has not received any information, nor has the far-right radio team.

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The president of Debout la France (DLF) denounces a ” manhunt “ led by “Vultures” : “I am the one who stands up against the propaganda of the media for a total vaccination and against the steamroller of the oligarchy, like Raoult! ” Isolated at his home, he was still tested positive on Monday, December 20.

“Neither candidate nor campaign”

Before this episode, his campaign was experiencing some turmoil. Mr. Dupont-Aignan devotes most of his time to researching his 500 sponsorships. “Sixty trips to the provinces”, boasts the anti-vaccine deputy, who ensures that he performs a test each time he gets on a train. His team worries all fall about not having “Neither candidate nor campaign”, their boss crisscrossing the roads.

Fundraising takes a back seat, “NDA” being satisfied with a ” small budget “ which he hopes to amount to 1.2 million euros. Result: he does not have the means to renew the contracts of his collaborators beyond February 2022. When he tries to evacuate the subject to the interested parties, his press advisor, Ella Kelian, gets exasperated during a electrical meeting at HQ: “Spare us your salads. “ “What if I don’t have the referrals?” It’s hard “, recognizes Mr. Dupont-Aignan today.

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