July 4, 2022

Netflix series doll brings terror to Manila

Squid Game, it’s the South Korean series to watch right now. She is currently lhas the most watched series on the Netflix streaming platform in Korea, the United Kingdom, France and the United States. If the events described there are for the moment pure fiction, certain elements specific to the series are already happening in the real world, starting with the famous doll from the series, who made his home in Manila for a very specific purpose, and very useful.

Squid Game : the game of the highway code?

If you have passed by Squid Game, fear not, you don’t have to know the show to appreciate what happened in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. For the others, Squid Game is THE popular Netflix series right now. The plot is simple, but effective since‘this is a nine-part South Korean survival series. Very action-oriented, it easily compares with the leaders of the genre that are films Battle Royale et Hunger Games. To put it simply: four hundred and fifty-six people, all poor, must participate in a game of survival in the Saw, with various trials, each more deadly than the next. At the end of the road : 45.6 billion Wons (i.e. 32 million euros).

And it is in this context that in theth first episode, named “1, 2, 3 Soleil“is explicit. You have to move on, a doll is watching you, and if her gaze meets yours, fear the worst. We won’t spoil the plot of the series more than that, because it deserves your attention. Well this doll was recently installed in Manila, at a red light to raise awareness of bad behavior when crossing the road. The video is more than explicit, we let you enjoy it. On other videos, it is possible to see her in action, causing passers-by to stop when she looks at them.

ud83dudea8ud83dudea6| NEW: Netflix have installed the doll from SquidGame in Manila, Philippinespic.twitter.com/Z0swD1l00A

October 2, 2021

Other appearances in the world

Manila is not the only “victim” of this apparition, since in Seoul, South Korea, another version of this terrifying doll has been installed.. It is seated and is located at a playground for children (children who, let us remember, are not old enough to watch the series). This is found at the Itaewon metro station, totally decorated for the occasion, even with a big slide written “NETFLIX“on it. Fortunately, it is only a simple motion detector which is not – as in the series – attached to heavy machine guns.

As many passers-by stop next to her to take a selfie, one can doubt the real effectiveness of the Manila device. Anyway, if you’re going to see the series or if you’ve already binge watermarked all nine episodes upon release, there are bound to be details that you missed. Luckily, we’ve got you covered and we’ve put together a special little article just for you, with five secrets you might not know about Squid Game. Otherwise, know that this doll is the source of many memes and on Twitter, many had fun putting in a situation living statues by imagining them participating in the first round of the series.

Like in Seoul in the Itaewon subway they have the setting of Squid Game! It makes you want to go there too much! pic.twitter.com/FjKgnerfRW

September 24, 2021