July 1, 2022

MotoGP Austin J2 Jack Miller (Ducati / 10) and his tire problems: “I’m fed up, it tires me”

Jack Miller expected much better from his qualifications on an Austin track where he seems to be the only one having fun. During FP3, he gave a correction to all his colleagues but during Q2, it was he who took a slap. Only tenth, he also suffered the snub of seeing his teammate Bagnaia in pole position with a convincing lap time putting him a second in sight. Noting that he had been slower with his soft tires than with his hard tires during the morning free practice session, he noticed that he had fallen, once again, on the wrong set of tires. And it is sincerely starting to tire him …

Jack Miller took stock of his day from saturday in Austin, which had started so well with a stratospheric performance on hard tires during the FP3. A service that foreshadowed interesting qualifications. But at the end of the Q2 it is only tenth … with a time slower by 0.797 seconds compared to that of the Texas morning, despite its soft tires.

A difference that the Australian has already experienced this season. But this time, it seems to be the one too many: “jdid a 2.02.9 lap in FP3, I don’t know, I certainly can’t say that I didn’t try… I pushed hard and it didn’t work, with the first tire it didn’t did not work well. It was the best I could do. This is something that has happened many times before and honestly I’m sick of it. Let’s move on, let’s see what happens on Sunday. I did my best, I kept calm, I tried to do my job, I worked for the race, whatever is in my control I try to do it the best that I can ».

But anger doesn’t just flow away. He therefore adds: ” I just couldn’t do what I’m sure I can do. I’m just trying to do my best. Like I said, whatever is under my control I do, but we can’t keep everything under control and that’s a shame. Anyway, the team did a good job all weekend as always, and I’m sorry for them, but the race and the points are tomorrow, we are going to give our all, it will be difficult to leave from 10th position, my championship rivals Zarco and Mir are ahead of me and we have to finish ahead of them ».

Jack Miller fears Turn 1 after the given start

The Australian thus sees the Grand Prix of the Americas to come: “ it won’t be the easiest race, but if you look at what Dovi did a few years ago here, you can see that he came out of Q2 and managed to finish fourth. It is true that there were also some falls that day. For my part, I feel that I have good speed, good potential, I feel good on the bike. We will take a clean start and it will definitely be the hardest thing, also seen what turn 1 looks like here. For the rest we will try to do our best to reach those in front as quickly as possible and stay with them. ».

He ends with the choice of his… tires: “ my racing tire certainly won’t be the softest. I couldn’t accelerate well at the finish in 2019. In FP4, we also tried the medium tire, then the hard tire, which was good. I also feel pretty good with the hard tire “. Hoping that it comes out of a good lot …


MotoGP Austin J2 : Qualifications


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