July 7, 2022

MotoGP Austin J1 Debriefing Johann Zarco (Ducati / 8): Bumps, asphalt, etc. (Entirety)

This Friday, October 1, 2021, Johann Zarco answered reporters’ questions from the Circuit of the Americas after day one of the Grand Prix of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

We went to listen (via teleconference software) to the words of the French driver who is still in 4th place in the championship.

As usual, we report here the words of Johann Zarco without the slightest formatting, even if this is partially translated (address in English, tu in French).

Johann Zarco : ” Hello everyone ! Good day ! I think it was important to start with a session in the wet because Austin is a tough circuit where you have to know a lot of important places, because of the many bumps and some corners. In these conditions you put less force on the bike, it’s easier to move the bike, so it was good, and I was also able to easily test the arm, and in these conditions the arm was absolutely normal. In the afternoon I felt him a bit because I think I shot him from the start, but I think it’s normal because he probably forgot how to force. Then I didn’t have the slightest pain and this afternoon the difficulty was more with the circuit than the pain, because it is really a circuit where you have to force. So I’m pretty happy to be fast enough and eighth place is pretty decent. Jack feels good here so we’ll try to see why and make some progress tomorrow. “

The circuit is very bumpy. Can you tell us about it?
“For bumps, it’s at turn 3 and turn 10 that it’s the most difficult. We only had one dry session and I hope to get used to it. Sometimes you can feel better just by changing a lane, but to really go really fast and try to find the perfect lane it’s not easy because if it’s not the right one the bike will move even more. I think it will be hard for everyone. We will see ! “

The circuit is very physical. How do you physically envision the 20-lap race?
“That’s why I’m hoping to find better settings in order to keep in the best possible form with the least amount of energy required. “

Will you go to the safety commission? Valentino Rossi is not against the idea of ​​shortening the race. What do you think ?
“I’m not against it, and I think I’ll go, especially to hear everyone’s comment. Because there, not to mention safety since there has been no fall in the places where there are bumps, it’s just that when you want to go fast you know that you will have to hang on. But we do not stick to the 20 laps planned, so to see! I understand that Rossi is asking for a few less laps, Marquez knows how to get by, Miller is fine, and I think it’s really only Marquez, Miller and maybe Oliveira, who at the moment have a certain ease on this track. “

Fabio Quartararo says it can be dangerous in a bundle. Binder says that everyone will have to be really careful to leave a little space between the bikes, which seems infeasible in the race …
” I was going to say the same thing ! If you try to be careful, you directly lose a good twenty meters on the one in front of you, and those 20 meters are very hard to catch up, because if the guy is in front of you, it is generally that he goes fast. ! And if you don’t want to lose those meters, yes there is the risk of getting shaken a lot, even if it means leaving the trajectory. That’s why it’s worth going to the Safety Commission tonight and hearing a bit about what we can do. “

It seems that there are three different kinds of asphalt. Do you feel it?
“For me there are two types of asphalt. Yes, we see the new parts, but the new part that we can really feel at the level of the grip and which is rather interesting, it is the 16, 17, 18. During all this time spent on the angle in this big right turn, there we feel that things are better than before. Because before, in the 18, things moved a lot, there it is much more controllable. Then they changed the asphalt and put the same asphalt, the new asphalt, in the 10, but there the bump takes over the grip, so it’s hard to feel the grip because the bike is moving forward. There is also an area in the one or both that I have trouble feeling.
16, 17, 18, yes, it’s good! “

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