May 22, 2022

more than 21,000 classes closed in National Education, unheard of since the start of the epidemic

However, the National Education health protocol no longer provides for class closures, regardless of the number of positive students.

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The wave linked to the Omicron variant continues to affect National Education. In a new report, Friday, January 28, the ministry lists 21,049 classes currently closed in France, all levels combined, or 4% of the country’s classes. A balance sheet never reached since the start of the epidemic.

However, since December, the health protocol no longer provides for any situation in which the closure of a class is compulsory (previously, this was the case after at least three positive cases in a primary class).

The closures observed are explained by the extent of the contamination. Nearly 3% of educational staff, or 35,558 people, are currently positive for Covid-19, in a context of difficulties in finding replacements. Nearly 4.7% of students (572,072 students) tested positive during the week. In addition to classes, 102 establishments are closed, including 97 schools, adds the ministry. The previous week, there were 18,786 closed classes, 463,197 students and 30,774 staff positive.

The teacher unions called for a strike for the third consecutive week, Thursday, to protest in particular against the management of the health crisis. A movement followed by 8.5% of teachers according to the count of the ministry.