May 22, 2022

Montpellier: the scores of the Greens, stunning!

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Deceived at close range by Wahi, little in demand the rest of the time, the Greens goalkeeper distinguished himself with a courageous outing from his area in front of Germain (45th). And by sprinting across the pitch to celebrate Khazri’s goal!

SACKO (5,5)

The Malian started in central defense, as a right axial. He delivered a good match, confirming his seriousness and his speed. With him, ASSE has a good warrior, it seems.


For his first match since last spring, Mangala logically lacked rhythm and benchmarks. It felt at the start of the game, especially on the Montpellier goal. But the former international also showed what he could bring: his experience and his serenity. Replaced by AOUCHICHE, when Dupraz played his go all. And the “double A” was no stranger to the superb end of the match for the Greens since it was he who served Hamouma on the equalizer, before launching Nordin on the 2-1… from the hand! A very nice entry.

NADE (5.5)

MHSC’s goal came from the left. But he still won a lot of duels. A good comeback in front of Wahi (31st). He confirms, match after match.

MACON (3), then THIOUB

In right piston, Maçon confirmed his current difficulties. His crosses didn’t arrive, for the most part, and he lacked accuracy in what he undertook. Replaced by THIOUB, not really more convincing.

GOURNA (5,5)

In between the game, the young midfielder spent himself without counting. He finished strong, like his team.


Youssouf still had too much waste in his passes, despite his activity. Replaced by MOUEFFEK, while ASSE was led … The former resident of the training center was more impactful.


Aligned at the left piston position, Kolo found himself very high on the ground. Not necessarily his best position but he did not deserve it. And he finished strong, too, when he was repositioned in the axis at the exit of Mangala.


Dupraz highlighted Boudebouz’s game after the encounter. However, the Algerian struggled to find the right passes, playing a little too stopped. Replaced by HAMOUMA, author of the equalization of a splendid strike in the skylight. A jewel that sounded the revolt of ASSE.

KHAZRI (5.5)

Captain, the Tunisian spared no effort. He stumbled on Omlin (35th) and did not always make the right choices but his goal, the first since his lob in Metz (1-1) in October, rewarded his efforts.


Bouanga also came up against Omlin (37′) and he was not very inspired in his initiatives. Replaced by NORDIN, author of the 2-1 goal with a nice curled shot, then decisive passer for Khazri on a nice tumble. A stunning entry!

to summarize

Led for a long time, ASSE snatched a victory with forceps against Montpellier (3-1) with three goals scored in the last ten minutes. The incoming Hamouma, Nordin and Aouchiche shone. And the Greens are no longer red lantern!