January 24, 2022

migrant deceased, search completed

A person ashore gave the alert after seeing a boat offshore. Thirty immigrants were recovered shortly after 7 a.m. by rescuers at Sterne, off Berck, in freezing temperatures.

The group, made up entirely of young men, attempted the crossing to England aboard a semi-rigid boat. One of them fell in the water. His body was recovered by the SNSM of Berck. Firefighters tried to resuscitate him, to no avail. According to AFP, the victim is in her twenties and would be of Sudanese nationality. Information issued by the Boulogne-sur-Mer prosecutor’s office, which opened an investigation against X for manslaughter.

The castaways were taken care of by the Civil Protection of Pas-de-Calais. PHOTO JOHAN BEN AZZOUZ – VDNPQR

The SNSM also towed the boat in difficulty on which 25 migrants were. Five other people were found on a sandbar.

A major security deployment

The Berck firefighters, the maritime gendarmerie, the SNSM, the sub-prefect and the police are present in Berck. Around 9:30 a.m., the funeral directors arrived at the scene. The rest of the group was taken care of by members of the Civil Protection in a room opened by the municipality, on the ground floor of the central aid station on Berck beach, formerly Bar des Bains. Hot drinks and snacks were distributed. Soaked, the migrants were able to change and dry off. The State has chartered a bus to transport those who wish to shelter in a center in Croisilles.

According to the first testimonies collected, two or three people could also be missing. Research was carried out this morning by the SNSM of Berck. the patrolman Flamant as well as the Navy’s Dauphin helicopter were deployed.

The French Navy patrolled at sea and in the air. PHOTO JOHAN BEN AZZOUZ
The French Navy patrolled at sea and in the air. PHOTO JOHAN BEN AZZOUZ – VDNPQR

This Friday noon, the maritime prefecture confirms that the research off Berck is over. An overflight of the area by the Dauphin did not find any other victims. Research continues elsewhere in the strait. Other attempted crossings have been reported.

« After investigation by air, there were no other people observed adrift ” specifies the press release sent at the end of the morning.

Suspected smugglers arrested

An elected official from the coast confides this Friday morning that according to an estimate by the police, 250 migrants would have arrived two days ago in the Berck-Merlimont-Le Touquet sector. After an aborted crossing attempt at Le Touquet on Thursday, two Syrian smugglers have been arrested.

Among the fifty exiles collected then, some are among the survivors of this morning.