January 18, 2022

Michel Aupetit delivers his truth after his resignation and the pope’s declarations

RELIGION – “I cannot allow my silence to be interpreted as an admission of guilt.” The former archbishop of Paris Michel Aupetit, 70, returned, during an interview with the Parisian Monday, December 13, on the affair which had pushed the man of the Church, once again a simple cleric, to submit his resignation to the Vatican, which accepted it in early December.

“When the rumor grows, grows, grows and reaches the reputation of a man, he can no longer rule. […] And it is an injustice, had lamented Pope Francis. This is why I accepted Bishop Aupetit’s resignation, not on the altar of truth, but on that of hypocrisy ”, declared the Sovereign Pontiff.

The departure of Michel Aupetit was precipitated by photos and videos published by Paris Match. We see in particular Michel Aupetit coming out of a restaurant and walking in the wood of Meudon with the one he presents as his friend, the Belgian theologian Laetitia Calmeyn, consecrated virgin of the diocese of Paris. “Monsignor Aupetit, lost for love”, headlined the magazine in this way, giving them a romantic relationship.

“It’s a friendship, not a love relationship”

“It has nothing to do with a loving relationship or having sex. It’s a friendship ”, defends Michel Aupetit to the daily newspaper. “If you can’t eat with a friend anymore without a paparazzi photographing you, what world do we live in?” He asks himself.

The man claims to be the victim of a “cabal” led by “networks which [lui] wanted and who acted ”. He announced that his lawyer is “currently drafting a defamation complaint” against Paris Match so that his “silence is not interpreted as an admission of guilt”. Asked by The cross, Laetitia Calmeyn also indicated that she also intended to sue the magazine.

Several days before the article of Paris Match, Pointpublished at the end of November an investigation revealing an ambiguous e-mail sent in 2012 by Michel Aupetit, when he was not yet archbishop, to a woman. Acknowledging an “ambiguous” behavior from the weekly, he refuted “forcefully” that it was an intimate and sexual relationship.

“There was no affair, he insisted during his interview with Parisian. This person once had a pain in his back. I gave her a massage to relieve her. I remind you that I am a doctor. ” It was “not a romantic relationship” nor a “sexual relationship”, the diocese had already assured AFP, adding that Aupetit “had opened up to his hierarchy at the time” .

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