January 24, 2022

Messi annoyed and embarrassed by Mbappé after Monaco?

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The fact would be almost cold in the back: Lionel Messi has scored only one goal after his first ten matches played in Ligue 1 this season. This is his worst total in the Premier League at this stage of the competition since fiscal year 2005-2006. It may not be the worst for the Argentine crack PSG.

“The most worrying is elsewhere: to see Lionel Messi, certainly author of the decisive pass on the second goal, in this state has something sad, observes L’Équipe on Monday. How, in L1, can the seven-fold Ballon d’Or be so imprecise? Yes, the most optimistic will say that it lacks success – five amounts affected this season including the post yesterday (71st). But all the same. There is something awkward about the contrast with Mbappé’s impression of ease. “

Messi went straight to the locker room

Could the comparison with the aerial Mbappé embarrass Messi? “He delivered any overall service, continues the sports daily. More worrying, even if this is not new since he signed in the capital, the slowness of its implementation questions. Much more than on its running speed, it is on the sequences, the control-pass or when it is necessary to turn around that it appears less sharp and more often at the mercy of the adversary. “

Proof that his performance and his evening as a whole, was not completely to his liking: once the final whistle was given, Messi quickly returned to the locker room. His seventh Ballon d’Or seemed already far away.

to summarize

Author of a new performance without relief on Sunday against AS Monaco at the end of the 18th day of Ligue 1 (2-0), Lionel Messi (PSG, 34) distinguished himself at the final whistle. We have known the more inspired Argentinian crack.