July 7, 2022

Meeting with the Klarsfeld spouses, walkabout, detour via the RCEA: relive Emmanuel Macron’s day in the Allier

Emmanuel Macron spent the day in the Allier. After sleeping at the prefecture, in Moulins, he chaired the Council of Ministers at the end of the morning, by videoconference. He then began a “stroll” in the department, as far as Vichy, the highlight of this Bourbonnais trip punctuated by numerous exchanges.

Here are all the highlights of the day:

20 hours

After having met the public for a long time, Emmanuel Macron must conclude his visit to the Allier by a meeting with members of Vichy associations.

19 h 15

President Macron continues his walkabout in Vichy and takes selfies with the public, many of whom have come to meet him.

18 h 52

18 h 47

The walkabout continues for the President of the Republic.

Comment from the mayor of Vichy Frédéric Aguilera (LR): “This visit and this meditation in front of the stelae are more than symbolic. No president had walked in this park. General De Gaulle had stopped on the forecourt of the hotel de Ville. “

18 h 10

Walkabout for Emmanuel Macron in Vichy.

17 h 43

The Klarsfeld couple await the president at the level of the stele commemorating the victims of the Vél ‘d’Hiv roundup, located in front of the hotel in the park, the former seat of government in Petain.

17 h 35

Sylvain Serafini, CEO of the France Thermes group, owner of the Vichy company, explains to the President the project to modernize the thermal spa.

17 h 26

Place the presentation of the renovation program of the Parc des Sources to Emmanuel Macron. A 6 hectare park, the size of Saint Mark’s Square in Venice.

17 h 20

Frédéric Aguilera, LR mayor of vichy, delivers to the head of state a message on the burden vichy has carried since 1945.

17 h 11

The information has just reached us. The President of the Republic wanted to make a detour from Moulins, around 2 p.m., to visit the parents of Samuel Paty, the teacher from Moulins, who had been assassinated by a terrorist in Conflans Sainte Honorine.

17 h 15

The president toasts with the mayor Frédéric Aguilera and the member for Vichy Célestins.

17 h 05

The President of the Republic has just arrived at the Hall of Sources in Vichy.

16 h 53

Vichy is waiting for Emmanuel Macron. The elected officials and local personalities leave the convention center to welcome the president.

16 h 50

Many elected officials from Allier, deputies and senators are present in Vichy.

16 h 46

During his meeting with the President of the Republic at noon, Claude Riboulet, the president of the departmental council of Allier, spoke of the RSA, the territorialization of public policies and digital development.

Local issues (RN7, Clermont-Paris, Montluçon-Bourges, Railcoop, and Souvigny) were discussed for 45 minutes with the Territory Advisor of the President of the Republic.

The President of the Republic has also devoted time to the mayor of Moulins. They notably mentioned the Center National du Costume de Scène, the commercial revitalization of the city center, the City Hospital Health Project, the need to complete the two remaining parts of the A77, Trévol and the bypass of Bessay but also the difficulties on the SNCF Paris – Clermont-Ferrand line.

16 h 10

Information confirmed, no stop at Saint-Pourçain. Direction Vichy for this second part of the presidential visit.

16 h 00

The procession is late … It could go directly to Vichy without going through Saint-Pourçain.

15 h 30

It seems that the next step is on the side of Saint-Pourçain-sur Sioule. Below, a tweet from the president of the Saint-Pourcain winegrowers’ union …

15 h 00

The president is still in the district of Moulins. Stop at the base of life of the site of the 2×2 lane upgrading of the RCEA. Explanations of the site by the Eiffage teams of the RCEA site, the future A79 which will cross all of the Allier from east to west.

The base of life of the site of the setting in 2×2 lanes of the RCEA is installed in Toulon-sur-Allier. The President of the Republic discusses with the employees.

This site is nicknamed “the site of the century” in the Allier for an amount of 500 million euros. It is currently in France the largest building site in progress.
The Route Center Europe Atlantic was until now called the road of death because of the many accidents. A road which knows a very large traffic of heavy goods vehicles.

13 h 45

The procession sets out again and always towards an unknown destination. A meeting between Moulins and Vichy is mentioned.

13 h 28

After a big selfie session, Emmanuel Macron has just returned to the cathedral of Moulins. Cathedral which houses the triptych of the master of Moulins, a major work which is currently under renovation.

13 h 15

13 h 09

The president decided to go see the Moulinois. Lots of supporters. A lady gives him a book for the attention of his wife Brigitte.

12 h 46

We are waiting for the President of the Republic who has just met the mayor of Moulins and the president of the departmental council of Allier.

12 h 35

Let’s go for a stroll with the President of the Republic. Destination unknown … We are still in Moulins.

12 h 15

According to our information, the Klarsfeld couple would be present in Vichy this afternoon with the President of the Republic.

These tireless memory fighters were notably present in 2018 in Vichy, to inaugurate a stele in memory of Michel Crespin, a baby deported and gassed in Auschwitz.

11 h 50

The forty journalists are still waiting in the press room at the Allier prefecture in Moulins for the rest of the program of this presidential visit to Bourbonnais.

11 h 41

At the end of the Council of Ministers, the President of the Republic should meet the president of the departmental council of Allier, Claude Riboulet, the mayor of Moulins and former Minister of Housing under Jacques Chirac, Pierre-André Périssol, as well as elected LREM of Allier.

11 h 36

Historical return.

1959. President of the Republic since January 9, Charles de Gaulle had spent four days of April (from 16 to 19) in the field: in Yonne, Nièvre, Côte-d’Or, Saône-et-Loire and Allier, in Montluçon, Moulins and Vichy.

In the photo below, on the steps of the Vichy town hall, General de Gaulle speaks to the Vichyssois. He concluded his speech with “Vichy Vichy”.

10 h 12

The Council of Ministers starts. He is in the office of the Prefect of Allier Jean-Francis Treffel. He attends the Council of Ministers by video.

10 h 00

The Council of Ministers will begin soon. It is not excluded that the president meets local elected officials at the Prefecture after the council of ministers. Nothing filtered this morning on the president’s program between noon and 5 p.m. when he arrived in Vichy.

09 h 35

Emmanuel Macron warned against any “manipulation” of history, an allusion to the controversy over the name of Vichy but also to that on the regime of Marshal Pétain launched by Eric Zemmour.

“Vichy takes us back to a story. We have lived this story, it is written by historians”, “let us be careful not to manipulate it, to agitate it, to see it again”, he said. on France Bleu Pays d’Auvergne, while he must go to Vichy in the afternoon.

9 h 15

Journalists are waiting to be able to enter the Allier prefecture.

A live feed by our journalists on site Alexandre Chatenet, Matthieu Perrinaud and Florence Chedotal