May 22, 2022

Mbappé panics Spain after refocusing on his future!

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This Sunday evening, PSG offered a big victory against Lille (5-1). But more than this great success against the other representative in the Champions League which marks a rise in power before the shock against Real Madrid, it is another news which has taken precedence in Spain. Because Kylian Mbappé did not dodge the question posed by Prime Video about his future after the match, cooling any rumors of an agreement already concluded with Real Madrid for next summer.

Mbappé makes Spain less serene…

A statement that threw a chill in the Spanish press, suddenly less confident than usual in this case. “What comes out of Bondy’s talent talk is that he hasn’t signed anything and won’t sign anything before the Champions League game against Real Madrid. (…) There are less than five months left before his release and his future is still unresolved”, recognizes the Madrid daily AS.

Same tone for Mundo Deportivo which translates well the doubts that now inhabit Spain. “Reconciled with the fans, these words and his gestures at the Parc des Princes leave him a small door open to continue”, writes the Spanish media. Only the presenter of the program El Chiringuito Josep Pedrerol tried to take these words with detachment. “Florentino, calm,” he hammered, referring to the response often given by the president of Real Madrid when the Mbappé file is mentioned.

to summarize

Kylian Mbappé, the PSG striker, spoke about his future last night after the demonstration against Lille (5-1). Which obviously makes Spain react. Where we are suddenly less serene about the future of the Parisian striker.