May 22, 2022

Mayor Benoît Payan mandates collection trucks to collect garbage

“Exceptional situation, exceptional response” : the mayor of Marseille, Benoît Payan, mandated, as of Tuesday 1is February, trucks to start collecting the garbage that is piling up in certain neighborhoods of the city, due to a new garbage collectors’ strike.

Thousands of tons of waste litter the streets of several neighborhoods following a strike, the third in four months, by garbage collectors, notably at the call of the Force Ouvrière union.

Waste collection is a competence that normally falls to the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis, led by Martine Vassal, of the Les Républicains party.

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“Extraordinary Exemptions”

“We have been facing a garbage crisis for four months which is taking on dangerous proportions: dozens of garbage can fires since this weekend and a mistral at more than 100 kilometer per hour », said Benoît Payan in a press release Monday evening.

Some residents, exasperated by the heaps of waste, prefer to burn them, explained the town hall team.

“All the elements are in place to rush us towards a safe and ecological drama”, according to the mayor representing a left-wing coalition, who says he is forced to “get out of the legal framework to protect the Marseillaises and the Marseillais [en mobilisant des] extraordinary derogatory means in order to preserve public health”.

The town hall of Marseille has brought in collection trucks to collect the rubbish while the city's garbage collectors are on strike. for the third time in four months.

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