July 4, 2022

Marlène Schiappa: “There is an urgent need to defend secularism”

Marlène Schiappa, Minister Delegate to the Ministry of the Interior, responsible for citizenship, was invited to the CNEWS Matinal.

In particular, she returned at length to an Ifop study on secularism in schools, reporting numerous separatist practices in high schools.

The minister considered that “what is interesting in this poll is to recall the need for religious neutrality”. To illustrate her point, Marlène Schiappa took the example of “the philosopher Catherine Kintzler, who says that ‘school is the space of republican breathing’, that is to say the space where we are. preserved from religious manifestations ”.

However, for Marlène Schiappa, the situation is not trivial: “I believe that there is an urgent need to save secularism (…). Attacks on secularism have never been so numerous, so important, so yes, it is fundamental that the government get in line of battle to defend this beautiful principle of the Republic. “

“Secularism is not against religions”

A principle of the Republic to be urgently protected, but not to the detriment of religions. The Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship recalls that “secularism is not against religions. Secularism is also freedom of conscience, freedom of worship, it is for this reason that we protect the surroundings of mosques, synagogues, churches… ”

However, it brings a nuance to this principle, “when one is a public official, one represents the Republic and the Republic is neutral and therefore it cannot address religious symbols.”

A strict neutrality that the minister wants to promote through training: “We are going to put in place a major training plan so that 100% of public officials are trained in secularism. “